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General Information:

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Academic Eligibility
Academic Honors (President's/Dean's List, Graduation honors)
Address Changes
Auditing a Course
Audits, Degree (DegreeWorks)
Citizenship Status Verification/Legal Presence
Class Closings 
Course Drop/Withdrawal
Course Loads 
Credits--A/P, CLEP, Transfer 
Cultural Events Requirements
Degree Checklists 


Enrollment & Degree Verifications
Fee Payment Deadline

Grade Access 
Grade Point Average 
Graduation Application (Graduate students)
Graduation Application (Undergraduate students)
Greater Charlotte Consortium
Health Services 
Identification Card
Immunization Requirements
Interim Grades
Name (Legal and Preferred) & Social Security Number Changes
Overrides (closed class, pre-req, etc.)
Parent Proxy
Privacy of Records (FERPA)
Repeating a Course
ROTC (Army & Air Force) 
Residence Requirements for Degrees 
SC Residency Requirements for Fees 
Schedule Protection
Senior Citizen Registration 
Office of Accessibility 
Transfer Credit Policy
Tuition and Fee Adjustments
Vehicle Registration and Parking 
Veteran Benefits
Voter Registration
Withdrawing from the University

Academic Eligibility
Undergraduate students enrolled at Winthrop University must earn a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 in order to avoid being placed on academic probation or suspension. 

For more detailed information on probation and suspension, consult the Academic Regulations portion of the undergraduate catalog.

Graduate students must maintain a 2.85 during the first 18 hours of coursework and 3.00 thereafter.  For more information, consult the Academic Regulations portion of the graduate catalog (p. 28).


Academic Honors

President's List
Each undergraduate student who completes a minimum of 12 semester hours of courses taken on a letter-grade basis (excluding S/U) during the fall or spring semester and earns a grade-point average of 4.00 is eligible for the President's List for that semester. A student may not have incomplete grades (IF, ID, IC, IB, IU).

Dean's List 
Each undergraduate student who completes a minimum of 12 semester hours of courses taken on a letter-grade basis (excluding S/U) during the fall or spring semester and earns a grade-point average of at least 3.50 is eligible for the Dean's List for that semester.  A student may not have incomplete grades (IF, ID, IC, IB, IU).

To view the latest President's and Dean's Lists, please visit the News and Events Page.

Honor Graduates- Latin Honors
Any undergraduate student who completes degree requirements with a final grade-point average of 3.500 to 3.740 shall be granted a diploma cum laude; any undergraduate student who completes degree requirements with a final grade-point average of 3.750 to 3.890 shall be granted a diploma magna cum laude; any undergraduate student who completes degree requirements with a final grade-point average of 3.900 or higher shall be granted a diploma summa cum laude. (Note: Winthrop does not round up the GPA.)

In order for a student who has credits transferred from another institution to receive a diploma with honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude), it is necessary for the student to have both of the following:

  • The required grade-point average for all work taken at Winthrop
  • The required grade-point average on the combination of:
    Winthrop work (including courses lost due to utilization of academic forgiveness)
    All work taken at other institutions.

    Note: Coursework taken at other institutions cannot raise a graduate to a higher level of Academic Honors.

Students who transfer to Winthrop must have the required GPA on all course work taken, including courses taken at other institutions, to qualify for graduation with honors.

Honors Recognition 
Any undergraduate student who completes degree requirements with a final grade point average of 3.75 and earned a minimum of 48 quality hours (earned hours on a regular letter grade basis) at Winthrop University will receive Honors Recognition.


 PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the unavailability of grades for the final semester during the time commencement programs are printed, Latin Honors designations are based on cumulative grade point average earned through the previous academic term (this cumulative GPA includes any undergraduate coursework completed at other colleges).  Final academic Latin Honor designations are determined after grades have been posted.  Official Latin Honors designations are announced the day of commencement, noted on the student's diploma and printed on the transcript.


Address Changes 
To assure accuracy in receiving correspondence from the University, it is important that addresses and telephone numbers are kept current. All students needing to update permanent and local addresses and telephone numbers should do so by logging into Wingspan.

Campus PO Boxes must be changed through the Campus Post Office in the DiGiorgio Student Center.


Audits, Degree (DegreeWorks) 
DegreeWorks is an online tool to help you keep track of degree requirements, including Cultural Events. It will also include a GPA calculator and a "What If" scenario if a student is considering changing their major or minor. It is available through Wingspan within the Student tab, and advisors will also have access so students can work through their progress together. A tutorial is available here.

The Degree Audit...

  • Provides the student and advisor the ability to track all remaining degree requirements.
  • Notifies students early of any discrepancies or problems to enable them to resolve them.
  • Enables students to register for classes they need.
  • Helps students plan the scheduling of classes for their Junior and Senior years.
  • For more information, check out the final steps toward Graduation.


Auditing a Course 
Undergraduate students my audit a course with the permission of the instructor of the course and the department chair or academic dean on a space- available basis.  Graduate students may audit a course with the permission of the instructor and the graduate director of the academic unit in which the course is offered on a space-available basis .

An auditor is not required to participate in any examinations or graded course assignments.  Participation in class activities and the class attendance policy is at the discretion of the instructor.  Students have until the last day of registration during the fall and spring semesters and the first day of each summer session to select the audit option.  Tuition is the same for auditing a course as it is for taking the course for credit.  Forms can be found in the Office of Records and Registration and on the forms page (course audit).


Class Closing 
The University reserves the right to cancel classes for which there is insufficient enrollment and to close classes when they reach a peak enrollment. For information about classes which were canceled, contact the appropriate department.

Hazardous Weather Conditions 
In instances of unsafe road and traveling conditions, the University will send email and text notifications as well as notify local media outlets in areas where Winthrop students and employees live if scheduled classes and activities have been changed. Students should use these notifications and discretion in judging the safety of traveling to the campus during periods of inclement weather. Students and employees may also check the Winthrop home page for official announcements and information during hazardous conditions.


Course Load 
While the normal course load for an undergraduate student is 15 to 17 hours per semester, a full time course load may range from 12 to 18 hours. A continuing student with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher may register for up to 21 hours (once the current semester's grades have been calculated). A student on academic probation may take no more than 15 hours in a given semester.

During summer sessions, undergraduate students may not overload. The following is a breakdown of summer enrollment for undergraduates:

Session A (Maymester) =  6 hours
Session B =  14 hours
Session C =  7 hours 
Session D =  7 hours
All others =  one course

**14 hours is the maximum course load for undergraduate students the combination of B, C, and D summer sessions.

A graduate student who is registered for 9 hours in a semester is considered full time but may register for up to 12 hours. The summer session enrollment is the same for graduate students except they may not take more than 12 hours for the combination summer sessions B, C, and D.

During summer sessions, graduate students may not overload without the permission of their dean. The following is a breakdown of summer enrollment for graduates:

Session A (Maymester) =  1 course
Session B =  12 hours
Session C =  7 hours 
Session D =  7 hours


Credits - Transfer, A/P, CLEP

Transfer Credit 
Transfer Credit is determined by the academic unit in which the student enrolls. For further information on the Transfer Credit Policy, refer to the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy.  Students who are transferring may view transferable courses here.

Advanced Placement Credit (A/P) 
Confirmation of A/P Credit can be obtained in Wingspan under "Transfer Credit" or in 126 Tillman. Advanced Placement scores must be sent directly to Winthrop. Students successfully completing Advanced Placement courses and receiving a score of three or above on the exam shall receive credit for the appropriate Winthrop course. For a listing of acceptable AP Exams and required scores, visit the Office of Admissions web site.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Credit 
Interested students may speak with their advisor, Student Services personnel for their major, or department chair regarding intended test. CLEP Credit information may also be obtained by visiting CLEP by Examination.

There are two types of CLEP examinations: the General Examination and the Subject Examination. Winthrop University grants credit only for the Subject Examinations, which are designed to exempt specific encourages students to take CLEP Subject Examinations for credit in subjects or areas which they have mastered through previous study, purposeful reading, travel, or other experiences. Students interested in foreign language exemptions are advised to take the CLEP Subject Examination in the desired language. (Please note, the World Languages and Cultures Department gives departmental credit to students who complete certain courses with a grade of B or better.  Visit their website for more information.)


Cultural Events Requirement 
Prior to graduating, each undergraduate student, who began at Winthrop as a Freshman, is required to attend three cultural events for every 20 hours completed at Winthrop University, not to exceed 18 cultural events. Transfer students will be required to attend three cultural events for every 20 hours needed to reach 120 hours.  For example, a student bringing in 30 hours of accepted transfer credit would be required to complete 13 cultural events.  (The minimum number is four as students must complete a minimum 25% of course credits at Winthrop required for the degree.)  The purpose of the cultural events requirement is to establish and foster a life-enriching pattern of cultural involvement.

Programs which will earn cultural event credit will be in areas that are related to the arts such as plays, concerts, films, art shows, and dance performances or from lectures of universal appeal. Lectures that are included on the cultural events calendar are selected on the basis of the speaker's reputation and ability to generate new ideas and discussion on topics of universal significance.

Students may check the number of cultural events they have attended by logging on to Wingspan .

Find out more regarding the Winthrop University's Cultural Event requirement.  Visit the Cultural Event Calendar for the current semester's events. 


Grade Access 
Students may access grades via Wingspan and DegreeWorks. Wingspan can display past term grades as well as your unofficial transcript. Transcripts will not be available to students who have past due balances with the University.


Grade Point Average 
GPA's are calculated by dividing quality points by quality hours (graded hours). Visit the online Grade Calculation website to figure out what your GPA will be at the end of the semester or even what it needs to be in order to improve your current GPA.  DegreeWorks also contains a GPA calculator that is also useful for semester, cumulative, and "what-if" GPA's.

Note:  Graduate students who are taking an undergraduate course (below 500-level) will not have that course grade factored into their gpa.


Graduation Application (Graduate Students) 
Students should file an application for graduation prior to the end of the registration period of the semester in which graduation is expected. Upon receipt of the application, a review of the student's record is performed by the Graduate School to determine the remaining degree requirements. The application for graduation also serves as the order for the student's diploma and notifies the registrar of the student's planned graduation date.

A $50 application fee will be assessed for all students. Failure to file an application as specified above will result in a late fee. If the application is filed during the first four weeks of the final semester, a $10 penalty is assessed; filing any later requires a $20 late fee. Applications are available online in the Graduate School website, or in the Office of Records and Registration, 126 Tillman Hall.

Undergraduate students, please visit Steps to Graduation.


Greater Charlotte Consortium

The Greater Charlotte Consortium (GCC) is a seven-member higher education organization which exists to assist undergraduate, full-time, degree-seeking students in the Charlotte region to proceed toward graduation without interruption in their degree progression because of limited course availability on their home campuses and to expand the course options  to undergraduate degree-seeking students who are enrolled at the participating institutions. The members of the GCC are Belmont Abbey College, Central Piedmont Community College, Johnson & Wales University (Charlotte campus), Pfeiffer University, Queens University of Charlotte, UNC-Charlotte, and Winthrop.

Winthrop students who wish to take a class at one of the GCC member institutions will complete the application, have it signed by their Student Services or Dean's office, and return it to the office of Records and Registration, 126 Tillman.

For more information on the GCC, visit their website.


Identification Cards 
Each registered student must obtain an official Winthrop identification card. Identification cards are nontransferable. They allow students to take advantage of University facilities, obtain cultural event credit, use Cafe Cash, and utilize other campus services.

Winthrop student identification cards are issued by the Technology Services Office located in 15 Tillman upon a student's initial enrollment. The first ID card is free; replacements are $10 each. For specific questions concerning ID cards, contact Technology Services at 803-323-4774.


Interim Grades

Winthrop is committed to supporting student success, and one way to do that is to communicate with students in an intentional way about their class progress.  These grades are a guideline to assist students and advisers in assessing where the student is at that particular point in the semester.

Students can access their interim grades for classes that meet the whole semester through the online portal, Wingspan.  Interim grades do not appear on a transcript (unofficial or official), and students should keep in mind that their grade is only reflective of the amount of graded work done in the class up to that point. Most often, there is plenty of time to bring up a low grade. If not, students have time to consult with the instructor, adviser, or other support unit about whether to withdraw from the class.  Students with questions about their interim grades should confer directly with their instructors.


 Name and Social Security Number Changes 
The form to obtain name and social security number changes is available in 126 Tillman. You may also access the form online.
To change your Preferred Name (which will appear on your Winthrop ID card), complete the Preferred Name Request.



Students who are unable to register for a class due to pre-requisite, co-requisite, restriction, or time conflict, or because the class is closed, may request an override from the department chair for the course. For override assistance, please visit the override request site.


Any undergraduate student may appeal for variations in the general education requirements and other university-wide academic regulations by submitting a typed petition to the Committee on Undergraduate Petitions. Petition forms are acquired in and submitted to the Office of Records and Registration in 126 Tillman. You may also access the "University-Wide Undergraduate Petition Form" online.

Petitions must be accompanied by supporting statements or other documentary evidence which the student judges pertinent to the petition.

To be considered at a regular monthly meeting, petitions must be received by the Office of Records and Registration at least two days prior to the published meeting date of the Petitions Committee. (See the Registration Calendar for dates.)  The Registrar forwards the petitions, along with any supporting documents, to the Undergraduate Petitions Committee.  Students are promptly notified of the Petitions Committee decision.

Graduate Students must contact The Graduate School.

For students who wish to appeal a grade or have other academic-related complaints, click here for further information.


Any Winthrop undergraduate student who has not attended Winthrop for at least one major semester (fall or spring) and fewer than five calendar years have elapsed since their last enrollment, is required to apply for readmission through the Office of Records and Registration. Students may access the "Application for Undergraduate Readmission" online and return it to 126 Tillman, fax it to 803-3232-4600, or email it to  Students who have attended another college since leaving Winthrop must have transcripts sent to Records and Registration. A 2.0 GPA is required for readmission if the student enrolled in 12 hours or more.

Winthrop students who have been absent for five calendar years or longer must be readmitted through the Office of Admissions. Former students who are 25 years or older may initiate readmission through the Office of Admissions.

Graduate students must be readmitted through The Graduate School.


 Repeating a Course

A student may repeat any course taken at Winthrop University or transferred to Winthrop for which he or she did not earn a grade of B or higher, or a grade of S. (This regulation does not apply to courses that may be repeated for additional credit.) Credit hours earned in a particular course taken at Winthrop will not be awarded more than one time (unless the course has been approved for additional credit), and transfer credit for repeated courses will be forfeited.

A student who enters Winthrop as a freshman is allowed a maximum of four repeated courses with grade exemption for any courses taken at Winthrop University for which he or she did not earn a grade of B or higher. Under this policy, the original grade earned in the course will be exempted from the calculation of the cumulative grade point average. Students who transfer to Winthrop with fewer than 40 semester hours of credit also are allowed the four course repeats with grade exemption; those with at least 40 and fewer than 70 hours are allowed three; those with at least 70 and fewer than 100 are allowed two; and those with 100 or more allowed only one repeated course for which the original grade may be exempted from the cumulative grade point average.

The repeat exemptions will be automatically applied to courses as they are repeated up to the allowed number of repeat exemptions. Receiving a grade of U in a repeated course will not replace a previous attempt's grade, but will utilize one of the repeat exemptions. Please note that repeat exemptions only apply to courses taken and retaken at Winthrop.  Students electing academic forgiveness do not get additional repeat exemptions.

For students receiving federal financial aid,the credit hours of the original course and the repeated course will both count in the student's attempted hours for calculation of percentage of hours earned (Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards for Financial Aid).  For more information, visit the Financial Aid website.


Army and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)
Winthrop University, in coordination with the Military Science and Aerospace Studies departments at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, provides its students the opportunity to become commissioned officers in the United States Army or Air Force while simultaneously pursuing a Winthrop degree. In addition, ROTC offers numerous scholarships and incentives to qualified applicants in an effort to help offset some of the costs associated with earning an undergraduate or a graduate degree.

ROTC courses may be taken through UNCC and transferred back to Winthrop through the Greater Charlotte Consortium.   The UNCC Army ROTC offers the first two years of courses on the Winthrop campus as Military Science (MLSC) courses. Junior and Senior level courses are offered through the Consortium on UNCC's campus. All Air Force ROTC courses are held at the UNCC campus through the Consortium. The ROTC courses may be used as elective credit toward a degree program. The grade will not be included in the student's Winthrop GPA calculation.

For information regarding the Winthrop ROTC courses, contact:

R. Love, MSG
Military Science Instructor

DIGS Rm. 248

Winthrop University

Rock Hill, SC 29733

Phone: 803-323-2157
Phone: 704-687-8698

For more information on the ROTC programs at UNCC, contact:

Richard A. Nash, GS
Recruiting Operations Officer
UNC-Charlotte Army ROTC Department
Phone:  704-687-8633
Army ROTC web

For the Air Force ROTC, contact:

Air Force ROTC Advisor
Phone:  704-687-8100
Air Force ROTC web


Residence Requirements for Degrees
There are four basic residence requirements:

  1. A minimum of 25% of the semester hours required for a degree (30 hours in a 120-hour program) must be taken in residence at Winthrop University within five calendar years preceding the date the degree is granted.
  2. A minimum of 22 of the final hours required for the degree must be taken in residence at Winthrop exclusive of CLEP credit. However, a minimum of 15 is required if the student participates in a recognized exchange program at Winthrop University. This exception will require the approval of the Winthrop director of the exchange program, the head of the student's department, and the director of student services in the college of the student's major.
  3. When part of the final hours is taken at another institution, the student must have taken a minimum of 30 semester hours at Winthrop prior to taking the final 31 hours. The institution and the course(s) taken must be satisfactory to the student's advisor and to the dean of the college.
  4. A minimum of 12 semester hours of course credits must be taken in residence at Winthrop in the major discipline(s).



Undergraduate students may elect to receive a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) grade on a total of five courses throughout their entire undergraduate curriculum, and are limited to electing no more than one S/U course per semester, except in the case of first-time freshmen who may use two S/Us in their first semester. (All summer sessions together are considered one semester.) A satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade, recorded as S or U, will not be counted in computing the student’s grade-point average; however, credit will only be given for courses for which an S grade is earned.  (Graduate students may not elect an S/U.) 

Note:  S/Us taken in Spring 2020 do NOT count against the 5 total.

Students must elect this option by the course withdrawal deadline.  A form for this election is required and must be submitted to the Office of Records and Registration by the deadline.  (See Registration Calendar.)

Students should be aware of majors which do not allow the S/U to be used on courses within the major.  Check with your advisor or your Student Services Director.  This information can also be found in the catalog. 

An S indicates a grade of C- or higher (for Honors and Graduate courses, a grade of B or higher).  A U indicates a grade of D+ or lower (for Honors, B-).  Credit is not given for courses in which a U is earned.


Senior Citizen Registration 
South Carolina residents 60 and older*  may attend classes at Winthrop University on a space-available basis without paying tuition. Laboratory or course fees, where applicable, must be paid.  Students may register the first week of class in the fall and spring.  In the summer, students may register one week before a specific session.

For more information, undergraduate students may contact the Admissions Office located in Joynes Hall, at 803-323-2191.  Graduate students may contact the Graduate School located in 209 Tillman at 803-323-2204.

Students may also request assistance from the University College Academic Advising Office at

For further assistance, students may contact the University College Academic Advising Office.

 *Per SC Section 59-111-320 of the South Carolina Code of Laws,




Voter Registration

Winthrop University realizes that our students have a lot of preparations to make whether they are coming to college for the first time or whether they have been at Winthrop for several years. Changing your voter registration so that you can vote while at college may not be one of the preparations you make prior to attending school. We would like to make this process as easy for you as possible so you can be an active member in the Nation's voting community.

Register to vote by visiting one of the web sites listed below:

Federal Election Commission, National Mail Voter Registration
York County Registration and Elections

Last Updated: 9/28/20