My Winthrop Experience

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Ameca Carter Thomas

Ameca Carter Thomas '99

School administrator Ameca Carter Thomas '99 follows a simple motto: to become better than the day before.

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Tony Chau

Tony Chau '21

Tony Chau '21 parlayed video game talents into esports scholarships to pay for his college education.

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Diego Toledo

Diego Toledo '11

Tech gurus like Diego Toledo '11 are some of the geniuses behind creating cool yet user-friendly interfaces and experiences on streaming services.

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Matthew Cordell

Matthew Cordell '97

Children's book author/illustrator Matthew Cordell '97 has won the prestigious Caldecott Medal.

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Standrick Rhodes

Standrick Rhodes '07, '09

As a teenager, Standrick Rhodes '07, '09 had a love for theatre that eventually grew into a passion for teaching as he grew older.

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Philip Nelson

Philip Nelson '21

Philip Nelson '21 helped track COVID data during the pandemic.

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Paul Leonard

Paul Leonard '06

Ecologist Paul Leonard '06 was looking for adventure during his senior year at Winthrop.

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Caitlan Walzer

Caitlan Walzer '18

For Caitlan Walzer '18, Winthrop was more than just school. It was an opportunity center.

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Jacob Sturgill

Jacob Sturgill '19

Jacob Sturgill '19 encourages people to enjoy their time at Winthrop.

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Ali Pizza

Ali Pizza '22

Ali Pizza '22 apprenticed with the Rare Book Binders of Oxford University's noted Bodleian Library.

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