Undergraduate students may elect to receive a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) grade on a total of five courses throughout their entire undergraduate curriculum, and are limited to electing no more than one S/U course per semester, except in the case of first-time freshmen who may use two S/Us in their first semester. (All summer sessions together are considered one semester.) A satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade, recorded as S or U, will not be counted in computing the student’s grade-point average; however, credit will only be given for courses for which an S grade is earned. (Graduate students may not elect an S/U.) 

Note:  S/Us taken in Spring and Fall 2020 do NOT count against the 5 total.

Students must elect this option by the course withdrawal deadline. To add or remove an S/U from a class, log in to Wingspan and click on the Student tab. Select Student Records, then the link for the S/U Request to access the S/U form. (See Registrar's Calendar for deadlines.)

Students should be aware of majors which do not allow the S/U to be used on courses within the major. Check with your advisor or Student Services in the college of your major. This information can also be found in the catalog. 

An S indicates a grade of C- or higher (for Honors and Graduate courses, a grade of B or higher). A U indicates a grade of D+ or lower (for Honors, B-). Credit is not given for courses in which a U is earned.