Parent Proxy

The Parent Proxy allows Winthrop University students the ability to grant access to student information to parents, guardians or another third party. Depending upon the level of access granted, authorized users may view addresses, grades, unofficial transcripts, class schedules, financial aid, and emergency contacts.

Students will set up accounts through Wingspan. Instructions for students to set up a proxy account can be found here.

Once the student has set up an account for the proxy, the authorized user may then login to the Parent Portal. Click here for instructions on how to login and navigate the portal.

Login to the portal.



How does a parent or guardian access the Parent Proxy Portal?

If a parent or guardian has been granted access by a student, they will receive an e-mail from Winthrop University supplying a temporary link and password to complete the Parent Proxy access. Once logged-in to the temporary site, they will select and submit a permanent password.

Can an e-mail address be assigned as a proxy for multiple students?

Proxies are identified by e-mail address, and that address can be assigned as a proxy for multiple students. This is particularly useful in the case of siblings both attending Winthrop. For example, a mother's e-mail address might be Multiple students can assign that address as their proxy.

When a proxy is given access to multiple students, can the access granted be different for each student?

Yes. Each student who grants proxy access to an e-mail address has complete control over the access for their account, including start and stop dates and permission levels.

Can multiple proxies use the same e-mail address?

Ideally, no. However, if parents share an e-mail address and a student wishes to grant proxy access to both using that address, the student can do so. If this is how the student wishes to set it up, we ask that when completing the first name field, the student enters both first names (example: Mary and David).

I am a proxy and I can't see all of my student's information.  Can you change that for me?

Administrators at Winthrop cannot change the permission settings for proxies. Only the student granting the proxy access can change the permissions that are granted.

I have given proxy access to my parents (proxy) and they cannot log into Wingspan to access my information.

Once access is granted, proxies can log into the Parent Portal by going to the proxy login site.

I have given proxy access to my parents (proxy), and they have lost/forgotten their PIN/password.

The student should go into the Parent Portal Menu on Wingspan and select Reset PIN for that proxy.  This will generate an e-mail to the proxy with a new PIN/password.