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COVID-19 Information:

The International Center has temporarily relocated, and no one is currently working in Dinkins 218. Students, faculty, and staff requiring assistance should call the Center at 803.323.2133 or email with your request for information or an appointment. 

Virtual Advising for Spring 2021:

  • Due to Covid-19 and the temporary relocation of the International Center, study abroad advising will take place remotely until further notice.

  • Study abroad participation requiring travel is cancelled for Spring 2021, but it's not too early to start planning for study abroad during a future semester. Complete the Study Abroad Group Advising module available on Blackboard to start your adventure.

  • Please email study abroad questions to or complete the study abroad group advising module on Blackboard to get started. We look forward to meeting you! 

Study Abroad Travel Is Cancelled--Now What?

  • While Winthrop University has cancelled in-person study abroad participation through June 1, 2021 due to Covid-19, approved students are able to take virtual study abroad courses, defer to a future semester or cancel. 

  • The status of Summer and Fall 2021 outbound study abroad participation is currently undergoing a review given the COVID-19 pandemic and potential impact on health abroad. Winthrop will make a decision regarding Summer and Fall 2021 participation next semester. 

  • Students considering study abroad after June 1 should start planning now by completing the study abroad group advising module on Blackboard. 

  • Advising Deadline: Students are required to complete the group advising module and a first-time advising appointment with the study abroad coordinator before applying to any study abroad program.  The deadline for booking first-time advising appointments for Summer/Fall 2021 programs is Feb. 5, 2021.  

  • Application Deadlines: The WU study abroad application deadline for all Summer/Fall 2021  programs except National Student Exchange (NSE) is March 2, 2021. The NSE priority application deadline for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 placements is Feb. 3, 2021. All students must apply to WU for approval to study abroad in order to accept placement and earn credit from any study abroad program.  

  • Provisional Approval due to Covid: Eligible students who submit WU applications for Summer/Fall 2021 in-person study abroad programs will be provisionally approved and therefore required to make two plans: one for study abroad and one for on-campus study. If Winthrop cancels Summer/Fall 2021 participation, approved students will have the option to take virtual study abroad courses, defer to a future term, or cancel. 

Winthrop Study Abroad 

Winthrop University provides a variety of enriching opportunities for students to study abroad on all four corners of the globe and everywhere in between. Specifically, Winthrop has study abroad programs in locations including Central America, the Southern Cone (including Argentina), Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe.  Students can participate in summer, semester, or full academic year programs abroad, and tailor their experience to their specific academic goals and personal interests.  Additionally, Winthrop has created clear connections between studying abroad and the curriculum we offer our students.  In fact, a majority of Winthrop's academic departments have identified a semester where students in their majors can study abroad and still graduate within a four-year time frame.  A sampling of the opportunities offered at Winthrop are listed below as well as steps students can take to begin one of the most exciting opportunities Winthrop has to offer.


Winthrop Study Abroad Opportunities

Winthrop Faculty-Led Programs
With Faculty-Led programs, Winthrop students take academic courses that include a travel component abroad.  These trips are typically short-term in nature (less than a semester in length) and are directed by Winthrop faculty members.  They range in duration from seven (7) days to four (4) weeks.  Faculty-Led study abroad programs are an ideal way for students to gain invaluable international experience while still maintaining work and family commitments at home.  Student participants typically attend class meetings during the semester and while abroad.  Additionally, students pay course tuition and the program fee to Winthrop.  Upon successful completion of the course, students receive Winthrop University credit.  Visit the Study Abroad Portal for an updated list of upcoming Faculty-Led programs

Winthrop Exchange Programs
Winthrop University has student exchange agreements with a number of foreign universities.  With this type of program, students pay their regular tuition to Winthrop and study at one of our partner universities abroad, and receive transfer credit upon successful completion of their program.  Currently, Winthrop has exchange agreements with universities in Australia, Finland, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Taiwan.  To learn more about Winthrop's exchange opportunities, visit our Winthrop Programs page

National Student Exchange
National Student Exchange (NSE) allows students to earn WU credit at over 180 institutions in the United States, Canada, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam. To learn more, please visit our About NSE web page.

Winthrop Partner Programs
Winthrop University also has fourteen partnerships with international institutions and organizations overseas.  With these partner programs, Winthrop students pay their regular tuition to Winthrop and study at one of our partner universities abroad.  After their semester or year overseas, students who participate in these partner programs receive transfer credit upon successful completion of their program. Currently, Winthrop has multiple partnership agreements in the following countries:  Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Egypt, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Panama, Senegal, and Spain.  To learn more about Winthrop's exchange opportunities, visit our Winthrop Programs page.

Additional Opportunities

Want to study abroad at a different school or in a different location? Eligible sudents are welcome to study abroad through other approved programs. Winthrop students can use the program search tool on Winthrop's Study Abroad Portal at any time to research internal and external programs. Students must complete the study abroad group advising module and meet with the study abroad coordinator before applying to any program through the portal. 



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