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Learn a language, develop independence, practice problem-solving skills, and get a different spin on your academic area by studying away for 2-4 weeks, a semester, or a year. Winthrop University (WU) offers undergraduate students the opportunity to earn WU credit around the world through academic coursework at other universities in the U.S. and abroad, a WU course followed by travel led by experienced WU faculty, internships, and even service learning projects! 

Global education is an investment that can help you build the skills you need for your future career and learn more about yourself and the world. While international travel can be expensive, cost doesn't have to be a barrier. 

  • Start planning for a study abroad experience at least a year before departure. This will give you time to research affordable program options, apply for study abroad scholarships, and save! 
  • Consider a WU Program that allows students to pay WU tuition, housing and meal plan for a semester or year abroad.
  • Each year WU students apply for and win national study abroad awards, including the Gilman, Fulbright, Freeman Asia, Foundation for Education Abroad and many more. The Office of Nationally Competitive Awards (ONCA) helps current WU students and alumni to submit winning applications for awards that can help pay for global education experiences. 

The Study Abroad office is here to support all WU students who want to explore the world through global academic experiences. We look forward to working with you! 

Getting Started

  • All interested students are required to complete Group Advising. Please click here to sign up for a session.
  • Expect to spend one academic year before departure to plan for a study abroad experience: one semester for researching programs & scholarships, meeting with academic and financial aid advisors, and discussing your plans with family & friends; and another semester for applying to programs and scholarships. Researching and applying for study abroad in one semester is not recommended. 
  • After choosing an approved program, talk with the Study Abroad Coordinator about WU's application process and deadlines with an appointment scheduled here.

Winthrop Study Abroad 

Winthrop University provides a variety of enriching opportunities for students to study abroad on all four corners of the globe and everywhere in between. Specifically, Winthrop has study abroad programs in locations including Central America, the Southern Cone (including Argentina), Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe. Students can participate in summer, semester, or full academic year programs abroad, and tailor their experience to their specific academic goals and personal interests. Additionally, Winthrop has created clear connections between studying abroad and the curriculum we offer our students. In fact, a majority of Winthrop's academic departments have identified a semester where students in their majors can study abroad and still graduate within a four-year time frame. A sampling of the opportunities offered at Winthrop are listed below as well as steps students can take to begin one of the most exciting opportunities Winthrop has to offer.


Winthrop Study Abroad Opportunities

Winthrop Faculty-Led Programs

With Faculty-Led programs, Winthrop students take academic courses that include a travel component abroad. These trips are typically short-term in nature (less than a semester in length) and are directed by Winthrop faculty members. They range in duration from seven (7) days to four (4) weeks. Faculty-Led study abroad programs are an ideal way for students to gain invaluable international experience while still maintaining work and family commitments at home. Student participants typically attend class meetings during the semester and while abroad. Additionally, students pay course tuition and the program fee to Winthrop. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive Winthrop University credit. Visit the Study Abroad Portal for an updated list of upcoming Faculty-Led programs

Winthrop Exchange Programs

Winthrop University has student exchange agreements with a number of foreign universities. With this type of program, students pay their regular tuition to Winthrop and study at one of our partner universities abroad, and receive transfer credit upon successful completion of their program. Currently, Winthrop has exchange agreements with universities in Australia, Finland, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Taiwan. To learn more about Winthrop's exchange opportunities, visit our Winthrop Programs page

National Student Exchange

National Student Exchange (NSE) allows students to earn WU credit at over 180 institutions in the United States, Canada, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam. To learn more, please visit our About NSE web page.

Winthrop Partner Programs

Winthrop University also has fourteen partnerships with international institutions and organizations overseas. With these partner programs, Winthrop students pay their regular tuition to Winthrop and study at one of our partner universities abroad. After their semester or year overseas, students who participate in these partner programs receive transfer credit upon successful completion of their program. Currently, Winthrop has multiple partnership agreements in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Egypt, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Panama, Senegal, and Spain. To learn more about Winthrop's exchange opportunities, visit our Winthrop Programs page.

Additional Opportunities

Do you want to study abroad at a different school or in a different location? Eligible students are welcome to study abroad through other approved programs. Winthrop students are be able to shop online for study away programs in our Study Abroad Portal.