Winthrop University: Records & Registration - Withdrawing from a Course

Withdrawing from a Course/Withdrawing from the University


    Students may withdraw from a course via Wingspan through the withdrawal period.  Please note that students who have registration holds due to a past due balance, immunization, or any other reason, will NOT be able to withdraw online and it is their responsibility to complete a withdrawal form (signed only by the student) and submit it to the Office of Records and Registration by the appropriate withdrawal date. The official date of withdrawal from a course is the date the withdrawal form is returned to the Registration Office with the signature of the student.  The form can be accessed here. (Students may email the form from their Winthrop email account.)

    Withdrawal from a course must be within the first 60% of the instructional days of the course.  The last day to withdraw from a full-semester course for Fall 2021 is October 22.  (Check the Registrar's Calendar for withdrawal dates of courses that last less than the full semester.)  An automatic N is issued.  After this date, students may not withdraw from a class without documented extenuating circumstances.  These circumstances are outlined under the Academic Regulations section in the current catalog.

    Students who wish to withdraw from ALL courses during the fall or spring semester should initiate the withdrawal process by filling out the Withdrawal from Winthrop University online form. These students should also contact Financial Aid, Student Financial Services, and Residence Life (if they live on campus) to inform them of the decision to withdraw. Because summer is an optional semester, students may withdraw from all classes via Wingspan through the appropriate withdrawal deadline for that course. (See Summer Session date page above.) 

    A student may withdraw after the course withdrawal deadline only with documented extenuating circumstances.  Documentation of such circumstances must be definitive and must be presented along with a request for withdrawal to the Registrar no later than the last day of classes for the course in question.  For further information on withdrawing from the University, please consult the Academic Regulations (p. 7) portion of the undergraduate catalog. Graduate students should consult the Academic Regulations section of the graduate catalog (pages 38-39).

Last Updated: 9/13/21