Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy

Winthrop University, in general, accepts transfer course credit from other institutions of higher education under the following conditions:

1. The course work must have been taken at an institution that is accredited by the commission on colleges of a regional accreditation agency.
2. The subject matter and the level of the course must be appropriate to Winthrop's general education curriculum or the program into which the student is transferring.
3. The grade that is received for the course must be at least a C- or a grade with a minimum level equivalent to a C-.

The individual college at Winthrop makes the final determination of the applicability of the accepted credit to the student's degree program.  A transfer student must earn a minimum of 25% of the semester hours required for a degree (30 hours in a 120-hour program) at Winthrop to complete requirements for an undergraduate degree. (See Residence Requirements.) The degree must include 40 hours above the 299 level.

Transfer credit is not used in computing a student's grade-point average at Winthrop. However, it is used in computing eligibility for academic honors and the LIFE Scholarship.

Winthrop University will award 2 hours of credit (Physical Education Elective) for completion of Basic Training.  In order to obtain credit, new students must submit a DD-214 form or DD-2586 form to Office of Admissions .  Currently enrolled students should submit the form to Records and Registration.

Students who have taken military course work and who wish for that course work to be evaluated for transfer credit to Winthrop University, should request that an official transcript be mailed to the Office of Admissions (new students) or Records and Registration (continuing students).   The office of student services in the applicable college will evaluate military credit using the current edition of Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Forces.  The academic college will make the final determination on the applicability of the acceptable credit the the students degree program.

Winthrop University will consider professional certification credit using the recommendations of the American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT).

Students with Associate Degrees

Transfer students with an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree from an accredited two-year institution in South Carolina are eligible to automatically waive most requirements of the General Education Program at Winthrop University. There is a small number of Winthrop-specific experiences and state specific guidelines that may or may not be included in the associate degree, but are required to earn a Winthrop degree.

General expectations for the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree from an accredited two-year institution in South Carolina:
1. Degree must include at least 60 credits of degree-level coursework.
2. Degree must include at least 6 credits of composition or writing intensive coursework (typically ENG 101 and ENG 102).

Winthrop specific requirements that may or may not be fulfilled in the full-degree transfer:

3. All graduates must earn credit for a course that meets the SC State Constitution Requirement outlined in the REACH Act. This may occur through transfer credits or an approved Winthrop course (example courses include HIS 201, HIS 202, and PSC 201).
4. A third writing intensive course for the core-writing requirement at Winthrop. Most transfer students will meet this expectation through HXCT 301: Human Experience and Critical Thinking, taken while in residence at Winthrop


Transient Students

Winthrop students who wish to take coursework at another institution must contact their Student Services Office for completion of the Approval To Transfer Credit form.  This will ensure that courses will transfer back to Winthrop and indicate the Winthrop equivalent course so that students can apply the course(s) to their degree program. The form can be found here.