Winthrop University: Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Gina G. Jones
Primary duties: Policies/procedures, supervision, web for students/faculty/advisors development, budget, catalog, curriculum, Academic Council secretary, faculty-staff training, residency, NCAA athletic compliance.

Maria G. D'Agostino
Associate Registrar
Primary duties: Supervises degree progress and DegreeWorks staff; oversees cultural events, transfer work,  undergraduate petitions, records problems, blanket petitions,  Degreeworks, undergraduate degree progress, graduation clearing, and commencement. NCAA Athletic Certifying officer. Conducts academic forgiveness, grade changes, responds to academic record subpoenas, and maintains undergraduate graduation/commencement information on website.

Kara Traverse
Associate Registrar for Registration and Scheduling
Primary duties: Supervises front desk, registration staff and Veterans Benefits coordinator; oversees registration activities, academic scheduling, transfer credit articulation/reporting, and Veterans Benefits. Serves as secretary for Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum.

Thea Barnes
Degree Progress/Records Coordinator
Primary duties: Undergraduate degree progress,  transfer work, CLEP/AP/Military and Departmental credit, University-Wide Undergraduate petitions, graduation clearing.

Jessica Farmer
Administrative Operations Coordinator

Primary duties:
Customer service, Employee Education Assistance, name/ID number changes, procurement, legal presence,  transcripts, office website editor.

John Kroft 
Veteran Benefits/Readmission Coordinator
Primary duties: Veterans' Benefits certification, VA website editor, Undergraduate readmission, admission and registration of special programs.

Michael Szeman
Cultural Events/Degree Progress Coordinator
Primary duties: Manages the Cultural Events requirement, undergraduate degree progress, graduation clearing, CE website editor, student worker supervision.

Sherri Wilson
Commencement Coordinator and Data Specialist
Primary duties: Graduation applications, diploma orders, undergraduate graduation activities, undergraduate degree progress, graduation clearing, curriculum changes (major/minor/catalog).

Cassandra Wright
Degree Audit and Academic Systems Coordinator
Primary duties: DegreeWorks (degree audit system) scriber; processes Blanket Petition; researches, troubleshoots and corrects data inconsistencies between Banner and DegreeWorks; develops/updates policies and procedures for the online degree audit student application; conducts DegreeWorks and Banner training; liaison to Information Technology regarding ongoing maintenance, system upgrades and new features in Banner, Wingspan and other systems.

Academic Scheduling Coordinator
Primary duties: Schedule of courses; Special Course Registration system; Final Examination Schedule; academic calendar.

Last Updated: 8/23/22