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    Application for Undergraduate Readmission

    S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) Form 

    Undergraduate students only- (Use this form to declare an SU or to remove a previously declared SU. Students will need to log in with their Winthrop credentials to access this online form) 

    Cultural Events Petition

    University-Wide Undergraduate Petition

    Course Audit * (To register for a course as an audit. Tuition still applies.)

    Schedule Change Form (used after the add deadline)

    Approval to Transfer Credit (Transient Form)--Undergraduate*

    Change of Curriculum-Undergraduate (Major/Minor/Concentration/Catalog)*--Read Directions first!

    Undergraduate Request to Take Courses for Graduate Credit *

    Intent to Pursue Accelerated Graduate Program*

    Permission to Release Student Records *

    Privacy Form *(To request that directory information not be released to outside parties)

    Replacement Diploma Order *

    Request for Records*

    Citizenship Status Verification

    Consent For Release (Used to allow faculty/staff to give recommendations for scholarships, job applications, and admission to graduate schools)

    Verification of Dependent Student Status *

    SC Residency Application

    Address Changes--done in Wingspan

    Name and Social Security Number Change *

    Preferred Name Request *(To allow WU ID card and class lists to display preferred first name)

    Course Withdrawal (To withdraw from a course after the drop/add period but before the withdrawal deadline)

    Withdrawal from All Classes for the Current Semester (To withdraw from all courses after the add/drop period and before the withdrawal deadline) 

    Extenuating Circumstances Course Withdrawal* (To withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline)

    Diploma Replacement Form*

    Graduate student forms can be found at Graduate School-Forms

Please Note: The PDF forms above may NOT be submitted online because a signature is required. However, you may print, complete, and turn them in to the appropriate office. When completed, these forms may be faxed to Records and Registration at 803-323-4600 or scanned and emailed to Records and Registration unless designated otherwise on the form.

* indicates fillable PDF.  Handwritten signature still required.

Last Updated: 9/22/21