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    Winthrop has a new form for adding and removing S/Us. To add or remove an S/U from a class, log in to Wingspan and click on the Student tab. Select Student Records, then the link for the S/U Request to access the new S/U form. Please contact Records and Registration for more information.

    Permission to Release Student Records *

    Privacy Form *(To request that directory information not be released to outside parties)

    Replacement Diploma Order *

    Request for Records*

    Citizenship Status Verification

    Consent For Release (Used to allow faculty/staff to give recommendations for scholarships, job applications, and admission to graduate schools)

    Verification of Dependent Student Status *

    SC Residency Application

    Address Changes--done in Wingspan

    Name and Social Security Number Change *

      Updates to preferred name/gender identification/personal pronouns are made online through Wingspan.

      Step 1.  Log in to Wingspan.

      Step 2.  Click on the Personal Information Tab.

      Step 3.  Go to the Personal Information Dashboard.

      Step 4.  Click on Personal Information.

      Step 5.  Click on Edit in the upper right hand corner of the Personal Details section.

      Step 6.  Make changes as needed and click on Update.


    Course Withdrawal (To withdraw from a course after the drop/add period but before the withdrawal deadline)

    Withdrawal from All Classes for the Current Semester (To withdraw from all courses after the add/drop period and before the withdrawal deadline) 

    Extenuating Circumstances Course Withdrawal* (To withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline)

    Graduate student forms can be found at Graduate School-Forms


Please Note: The PDF forms above may NOT be submitted online because a signature is required. However, you may print, complete, and turn them in to the appropriate office. When completed, these forms may be faxed to Records and Registration at 803/323-4600 or scanned and emailed to Records and Registration unless designated otherwise on the form.

* indicates fillable PDF.  Handwritten signature still required.

Last Updated: 7/25/22