Instructions for University-Wide Undergraduate Petitions

Undergraduate students may appeal for exception to university policy in the general education requirements and other university-wide academic regulations. For undergraduate students petitioning academic suspension or dismissal, click here

Procedures for Petitioning

 Step 1. 

Complete the University-Wide Undergraduate Petition Form (PDF-176KB) in its entirety (this form may be typed or printed neatly in black ink). On the form, specify what rule or regulation defined by University Policy you are petitioning. Any petition that is missing information, illegible, unclearly worded, or contains ambiguous information will not be considered. Such a petition will be returned to the student to be rewritten.

 Step 2. 

Compose and attach a typed letter or personal statement (no longer than one single-spaced page) explaining why the exception has been requested. Explain your case, your petition request, and your justification/the grounds for your petition. Include a well-thought-out action plan for academic success, if applicable.

 Step 3. 

Attach any supporting documentation that will help to explain and justify your petition. If applicable, include supporting information from faculty members, medical/health care providers, other persons (please specify), or other evidence documenting the exceptional circumstances that are the basis of your petition.

 Step 4. 

Meet with your Academic Advisor regarding this petition and obtain his or her signature. If your advisor is unavailable, obtain the signature of your Department Chair or the Director of Student Services for your college. The Student Services Offices are located at:

 Step 5. 

Submit your petition to the Undergraduate Petitions Committee for consideration. Petitions can be submitted via e-mail to or turned in as hard copies to the Office of Records and Registration at 126 Tillman Hall. The Undergraduate Petitions Committee will act on the petition at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The Office of Records and Registration will notify the student of the committee's decision.


      Please note, a University-Wide Undergraduate Petitions meeting has been set for Thursday, January 4 at 11:00 am to review petitions for students that are suspended.

      The due date to submit petitions is by Wednesday, January 3 at noon.  

      January 9th

      Submission Deadline: Friday, Jan. 5th at noon

      February 20th

      Submission Deadline: Friday, Feb. 16th at noon 

      March 19th

      Submission Deadline: Friday, Mar. 15th at noon

      April 16th

      Submission Deadline: Friday, April 12th at noon

      May 3rd

      Submission Deadline: Thursday, May 2nd at noon

      June 11th

      Submission Deadline: Wednesday, June 5th at noon

      July 17th

      Submission Deadline: Wednesday, July 10th at noon