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Commencement Information

We look forward to celebrating the achievements of our students.

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As we continue to navigate limitations on large gatherings and with continued concerns regarding the Coronavirus, Winthrop University has decided that an in-person regular Commencement Ceremony will not take place on Saturday, December 19, 2020 for the upcoming December 2020 Graduates (and August 2020 Graduates).

Instead, Winthrop University will hold a VIRTUAL COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY on December 19 for our December 2020 graduates, as well as our August 2020 and May 2020 graduates. 

In addition, our December 2020 graduates will be invited to campus for DIPLOMA PICK-UP event on Saturday, December 19 to pick up their degree. (August and May graduates received their degrees by mail.)

Please continue to view the Office of Records & Registration website under the Commencement tab as we will continue to keep our graduates, their families and the Winthrop community informed as plans develop.


    Answer:  Please be sure to have your Student ID with you.

    Answer:  Graduates will receive detailed information on the virtual commencement ceremony in the coming weeks.  The ceremony will be pre-recorded and include a welcome and remarks by   Interim President Hynd, conferring of the degrees, a welcome from the Alumni Association, and most importantly a picture and/or short video from each graduate.  Graduates will receive an email asking you to upload content (picture and/or video) from StageClip and a second email from NameCoach asking you to record the pronunciation of your name.  Students will need to log into StageClip and verify your intent to participate in the virtual ceremony.

    Answer:  PLEASE NOTE that final details are still being worked out. 

    If the DIPLOMA PICK-UP is drive by only then yes, the graduate may have others in the car with them.  However, if at the DIPLOMA PICK-UP graduates must park and come get their diplomas, we ask that the family remain in the car and not be with the student while they’re picking up the diploma.   This will help with safety and timing.

    Answer:  No cap and gowns are not required to be worn the day of Diploma Pick-Up. 

    Answer:  Yes, masks are absolutely needed. Masks are mandatory except when they’re having their picture taken.

    Answer:  The Registrar from the college/university may submit your final grade to the Registrar at Winthrop University electronically.  Once this is done, our office will be able to clear you for   graduation. However, until we receive an OFFICIAL transcript with your grade we will not be able to give you your diploma.

    Answer:  No, not necessarily.  Because degree candidate names are submitted prior to graduation for printing purposes and pre-recorded for virtual commencement purposes it will not reflect your graduation status.  This information will be found in Degree Works or your official records.  Please be sure to check this before coming to the Diploma Pick-Up event.

    Answer: Yes! Students are welcome to wear borrowed black caps and gowns to Diploma Pick-Up Day. Tassels can also be purchased separately from the Winthrop Bookstore.


Undergraduate Graduation Checklist:

  • Submitted graduation application to the Office Records and Registration
  • Completed senior survey  (Senior Survey will be emailed the week of graduation to all degree applicants)
  • Ordered cap and gown (December or May)
  • Ordered announcements (December or May)
  • Completed Cultural Events requirement
  • Completed a Perkins Loan Exit Interview (if you received a Perkins Loan)
  • Cleared your account balance at Winthrop prior to graduation




Last Updated: 11/11/20