Degree Works for Winthrop Faculty and Staff

Degree Works (DW) is a web-based auditing tool that allows students and advisors to monitor progress toward completion of program requirements. It combines Winthrop's degree requirements and the coursework that has been completed with easy-to-read worksheets. These worksheets will show how completed courses count toward degree requirements and show which courses and requirements still need to be completed.

This page is a resource for Winthrop faculty and staff. Current Winthrop students with questions about Degree Works should visit our Degree Works for Current Winthrop Students page for more information and helpful resources.

Faculty/Staff Degree Works Access

Winthrop faculty and staff can access Degree Works through Wingspan.

  1. Visit Wingspan
  2. Log in using your Winthrop University username and password. 
  3. Select the link for Degree Works under Employee Tools.

General Informational Videos & Resources for Faculty and Staff

       Degree Works Overview for Faculty and Staff Video                 Degree Works Planner for Faculty and Staff Video                Degree Works Faculty and Staff Instruction Guide (PDF - 1.1 MB)

Degree Works Overview for Faculty/Staff Video

Degree Works Planner for Faculty/Staff Video 

Degree Works Faculty/Staff Instruction Guide


Submit a Course Substitution or Exception

To submit a course substitution or exception request, please complete the Undergraduate Course Substitution or Exception Form. This form should be used when an Undergraduate student wants to substitute a course for a required course. This form can also be used to make additional changes to DegreeWorks Worksheet (Best Fit).

Please note: only approved General Education courses can be substituted for other approved General Education courses.  No General Education requirement can be waived except by a university-wide petition. 

For assistance with completing a substitution or exception request, please refer to our directions for submitting course substitutions and exceptions (PDF - 1.1 MB).

Winthrop students who need assistance with course substitutions should contact Student Services from their college. 

College of Arts and Sciences - 

College of Business Administration -

College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences - 

College of Visual and Performing Arts -

Submit a Degree Works Edit Request 

To submit a Degree Works edit request, please complete the Degree Works Edit Request Form. If you have any questions or require assistance regarding this process, please e-mail This e-mail is only to be used by Winthrop faculty and staff. If you are a current Winthrop student with questions about Degree Works, please visit our Degree Works for Current Winthrop Students page for more information and helpful resources.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Faculty and staff only may request edits to be made in Degree Works. If a particular rule or requirement is not reflecting correctly in Degree Works for a particular program, faculty and staff may complete a Degree Works Edit Request.  Once your request is updated/completed by the Degree Works Service team, an e-mail confirming the change will be sent to the faculty/staff member.  After your request has been completed, we strongly recommend that you also check an applicable student in Degree Works to ensure that your request was applied correctly.

    If you have questions about Degree Works on how a particular program's requirements/rules are appearing in Degree Works, please e-mail This e-mail address is to be used only by Winthrop faculty and staff. 

    The Degree Works Edit Request Form is a form that is used only by faculty and staff to request corrections/ approved updates to be made to a particular program, such as the degree, major, concentration, or minor for a particular catalog. These updates/changes are made by the Degree Works Coordinator (Degree Works Service Team), and reflects changes for all students that are under the particular program/catalog as specified in the request. 

    The Undergraduate Course Substitution or Exception Form is a form completed for a specific student to reflect an approved exception (substitute a course for another course, apply a particular course, waive a requirement, etc.) to be made to their worksheet. These exceptions are approved by a Chair and the Student Services office from the student's college and then forwarded to the Records Staff Member in the Office of Records and Registration to be processed. These exceptions will only apply for the specific student listed on the request. 

    A Blanket Petition is an approved exception made to a rule/requirement for a particular program: degree, major, concentration, minor, and/or catalog. This exception effects a group of students that are under the particular program. Blanket Petition forms are housed with each of the College's Student Services office and, once completed and approved by the Department Chair and Curriculum Chair, should be uploaded through the Degree Works Edit Request Form to be updated in Degree Works. 

    Winthrop faculty and staff that need to be trained on Degree Works should e-mail to request training. 

    If a new or transfer student is not appearing in Degree Works, please e-mail for assistance.