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College of Arts & Sciences

Faculty & Staff Directory


Dean's Office

Sumter, Takita - Dean; Professor of Chemistry
Lauber, Jill - Assistant to the Dean
Oakes, Gregory - Associate Dean for Assessment and Graduate Programs; Professor of Philosophy
Panton, Erica - Pre-College Programs Coordinator
Prickett, Robert - Associate Dean for Research, Professional Development, and Teacher Education; Professor of English
Simmonds, Leah - Financial Analyst
Wilson, Kathryn - Administrative & Technology Coordinator


Student Services

Belk, Adria L. - Director of Student Services for the College of Arts & Sciences
Harper, Wakefield - Student Services Program Coordinator  



Dimaculangan, Dwight - Professor; Department Chair
Hinson, Marielle - Administrative Coordinator
McKeown, Linda - Lab Manager 

Bell, Cassandra - Instructor
Birgbauer, Eric - Associate Professor
Blair, Salvatore - Assistant Professor
Boulware, Jessica - Adjunct Faculty
Brasington, Lauren - Assistant Professor
Brown, LaShardai - Assistant Professor
Carrier, Lauren - Adjunct Faculty
Chism, Janice - Professor Emerita
Fields, Steven - Adjunct Faculty
Frost, Victoria - Assistant Professor
Glasscock, Laura - Associate Professor
Grubbs, Kunsiri - Associate Professor
Guenther, Courtney - Assistant Professor
Johnson, Sharon - Adjunct Faculty
Kohl, Kathryn - Associate Professor
Kramer, Jeffrey - Adjunct Faculty
McCulloch, Anita - Adjunct Faculty
Mitchell, Paula - Professor Emerita
Phillips, Amy - Adjunct Faculty
Rogers, William - Professor Emeritus
Sasaki, Kiyoshi - Assistant Professor
Schafer, Jennifer - Assistant Professor
Sebhatu, Almaz - Adjunct Faculty
Smith, Julian III - Professor
Snyder, Mary Lynn - Adjunct Faculty
Stern, Matthew - Associate Professor
Stovall, Daniel - Assistant Professor
Swartz, Benjamin - Adjunct Faculty
Tant, Cynthia - Assistant Professor
Westover, Kristi - Professor; Director of Graduate Studies in Biology
Wozniak, Silvia - Adjunct Faculty


Chemistry, Physics, & Geology

Lammi, Robin - Professor of Chemistry; Department Chair
Aiken, Willie Ruth - Operations Manager

Amir, Fatima - Associate Professor of Physics
Boyer, Diana - Professor of Geology
Brooks, Elaine - Budget Manager
Calloway, Cliff - Professor of Chemistry
Cavin, Amanda - Director of the EagleSTEM program
Curley, Jim - Adjunct Faculty
Daley, Gwen - Associate Professor of Geology
Dammann, Cheryl - Adjunct Faculty of Chemistry
Detrick, Athena - Instructor; Chemistry Instrumentation Manager
Ervin, Velbert - Program Assistant, EagleSTEM Program
Fernandez, Timea - Assistant Professor
Gelabert, Maria - Professor of Chemistry
Grattan, Christian - Associate Professor of Chemistry
Grossoehme, Nick - Professor of Chemistry; Director of the Undergraduate Research Program
Hanna, James Jr. - Professor of Chemistry
Harris, Cliff - Associate Professor of Chemistry
Hartel, Aaron - Professor of Chemistry
Holton-McGuinness, Lille-Dunn - Adjunct Faculty of Geology
Hurlbert, Jason - Professor of Chemistry
Johnson, Samuel - Adjunct Faculty
Kull, Kristen - Adjunct Faculty of Chemistry
Lipinski, Thomas - Adjunct Faculty of Physics
Maheswaranathan, Ponn - Professor of Physics
McGuinness, William - Adjunct Faculty of Geology
McIntosh, Gregg - Adjunct Faculty of Chemistry
Owens, Pat - Professor of Chemistry
Quarles, William - Adjunct Faculty of Geology
Snyder, Kathie - Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Sumter, Takita - Professor of Chemistry; Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
Truluck, Holly - Laboratory Chemist
Werts, Scott - Associate Professor of Geology



Cothran, Casey - Associate Professor; Department Chair
Cauthen, Kara - Administrative Specialist  

Beasley, Kara - Instructor
Bickford, Leslie - Associate Professor
Boyd, Debra - Associate Professor
Brownson, Siobhan - Professor; Director of the Master of Liberal Arts Program
Campbell, Amanda - Instructor 
Case, Steven - Adjunct Faculty
Chen, Chen - Assistant Professor
Covington, Amanda - Instructor
Crawford, John - Adjunct Faculty
Dawkins, Carol - Adjunct Faculty
Deinert, Gregory - Adjunct Faculty
DeRochi, Jack - Professor; Dean of the Graduate School
Fike, Matthew - Professor
Ghent, Bryan - Instructor
Gilbert, Melissa - Adjunct Faculty
Grace, Alisha - Adjunct Faculty
Harmon, Jessica - Adjunct Faculty 
Hiner, Amanda - Associate Professor; Coordinator of CRTW; Co-Director of HMXP
Hoffman, Dustin - Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies in English
Infante, Joann - Adjunct Faculty
Jones, Gloria - Associate Professor; Dean of University College
Jordan, Ann - Instructor
Koster, Josephine - Professor
Lange, Austin - Adjunct Faculty
Martin, Mary - Instructor
McCormick, Adrienne - Professor; Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
McDuffie, Norma - Instructor
Nail, Allan - Associate Professor
Neiling, Hayley - Adjunct Faculty
Prickett, Robert - Professor; Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
Ralston, Devon - Assistant Professor; Director of the Writing Center
Richardson, Kelly - Professor; Director of First-Year Writing
Sommers, Ephraim - Assistant Professor
Stewart, Amanda - Adjunct Faculty
Turner, Scott - Adjunct Faculty
Vattimo, MacKenzie - Adjunct Faculty
Weeks, Evelyne - Senior Instructor
White, Joyce - Assistant Professor
Wilcox, Eliza - Adjunct Faculty
Williams, Zachary - Adjunct Faculty
Withers, Gerald - Adjunct Faculty



Rakestraw, Donald - Professor; Department Chair
Hartnett, Katie - Administrative Specialist for History and Political Science

Bell, Gregory - Associate Professor; Director of the Medieval Studies Program
Chang, Catherine
- Assistant Professor
Crider, Gregory - Ellison Capers Palmer, Jr. Professor of History
Dixon-McKnight, Jennifer - Assistant Professor
Doom, Jason - Adjunct Faculty
Doyle, Andrew - Associate Professor
Lee, J. Edward - Professor; Director of Graduate Studies in History
Pretty, Dave - Associate Professor


Human Nutrition

Koszewski, Wanda - Professor; Department Chair; Director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics
Allen, Alexa - Administrative Specialist; Adjunct Faculty

Collins, Brian - Instructor
Edwards, Matt - Adjunct Faculty
Evans, Karin - Adjunct Faculty
Hoffman, Jessie - Assistant Professor
Licata, Ashley - Assistant Professor
Lima, Hope - Assistant Professor
Nielsen, Stephanie - Instructor; Director of the Dietetic Internship
Van Horn, Leslie - Instructor
Weikle, Elizabeth - Adjunct Faculty  


Interdisciplinary Studies 

Bollinger, Marsha - Professor of Geology; Department Chair; Director of the Sustainability program
Smathers, Tiffany - Program Assistant

Amundsen, Scott - Director of the Bachelor of Professional Studies program
Bell, Gregory
 - Director of the Medieval Studies program; Assistant Professor of History
Bell, Nancy
- Adjunct Faculty of Social Studies Education
Brownson, Siobhan - Director of the Master of Liberal Arts program; Professor of English
Disney, Jennifer - Director of the Women's & Gender Studies program; Professor and Department Chair of Political Science
Frederick, Nathaniel - Director of the African-American Studies program; Associate Professor of Mass Communication
Gillikin, Margaret - Director of the Social Studies Education program; Director of the Community-Based Learning program; Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education
Kiblinger, Kristin - Director of the International & Global Studies program; Professor of Religious Studies
Marx, Jonathan - Director of the Gerontology program; Professor of Sociology
McFadden, Bryan - Director of the Geography program; Instructor of Geography
Meeler, David - Dalton Endowed Chair of Environmental Sciences & Studies; Associate Professor of Philosophy
Williams, Virginia - Director of the Peace, Justice, & Conflict Resolution Studies program; Director of the Individualized Studies program; Professor of History
Vaden, Luci - Adjunct Faculty of Social Studies Education


Mass Communication

Reel, Guy - Professor; Department Chair
Daniels, Bert - Program Assistant

Adams, Susie - Adjunct Faculty
Barnhardt, Kristen - Adjunct Faculty
Bohnen, Tonia - Adjunct Faculty
Cavanaugh, Tom - Adjunct Faculty
Frederick, Nathaniel - Associate Professor; Director of the African-American Studies Program
Glawe, Eric - Adjunct Faculty
Ivanovski, Carie - Adjunct Faculty 
Kasko, Joseph - Assistant Professor
Meader, Aimee - Associate Professor
Nortz, Mark - Senior Instructor
Patwardhan, Padmini - Professor; Director of the IMC Program
Samsell, Alexandra - Adjunct Faculty
Schulte, William - Associate Professor
Stuart, Bonnye - Instructor



Polaski, Thomas - Professor; Department Chair
Haddaway, Teri - Administrative Specialist  

Abernathy, Kristen - Associate Professor
Abernathy, Zachary - Associate Professor
Hamed, Duha - Assistant Professor
Hamm, Arran - Assistant Professor
Hamm, Jessie - Associate Professor
Herring, Stephanie - Instructor 
Hipp, Brian - Adjunct Faculty; Director of Business Intelligence & Data Management for AAAS
Hope, Kimberley - Adjunct Faculty
Howle, Christopher - Adjunct Faculty
Kull, TrentAssociate Professor
Pullano, Frank - Professor; Director of the Mathematics Tutorial Center
Ratcliff, Julie - Adjunct Faculty
Reel, Lesley - Adjunct Faculty
Tolson, Suzy - Adjunct Faculty
Varnadore, Susie - Adjunct Faculty
Wilkes, Jane - Instructor


Philosophy & Religious Studies

Judge, Peter - Professor of Religious Studies; Department Chair
Roy, Alexis - Administrative Assistant for Philosophy & Religious Studies; Sociology, Criminology, & Anthropology; and World Languages & Cultures

Hathaway, Dale - Adjunct Faculty
Kiblinger, Kristin - Professor of Religious Studies; Director of the International and Global Studies Program
Kiblinger, William - Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religious Studies
Meeler, David - Associate Professor of Philosophy; Director of the Legal Studies program; Dalton Endowed Chair of Environmental Sciences & Studies
Oakes, Gregory - Professor of Philosophy; Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences


Political Science

Disney, Jennifer - Professor; Department Chair; Director of the Women's & Gender Studies Program
Hartnett, Katie - Administrative Specialist for History and Political Science

Belk, Adolphus - Professor
Holder, John - Adjunct Faculty
Huffmon, Scott - Professor; Director of the Center for Public Opinion & Policy Research (CPOPR)
Kim, Hye-Sung - Assistant Professor
Lipscomb, Michael - Professor; Director of the Honors Program
Moyon, Katarina - Adjunct Faculty; Co-Director of the West Forum
Petersheim, Meredith-Joy - Adjunct Faculty
Ranallo-Benavidez, Brandon - Assistant Professor
Smith, Stephen - Professor Emeritus
Van Aller, Christopher - Professor; Director of the Model United Nations program



Ritzer, Darren - Professor; Interim Department Chair
Carter, Heather - Administrative Specialist  

Alderman, Gary - Professor, Director of School Psychology Program
Anschuetz-Jeffers, Heather - Adjunct Faculty
Anselmo, Giancarlo - Assistant Professor
Bernard, Lisa - Adjunct Faculty
Collins, Tara - Associate Professor
Cusumano, Dale - Adjunct Faculty
Fishman, Jerry - Adjunct Faculty
Ford, Harriet - Adjunct Faculty 
Fortner-Wood, Cheryl - Professor; Director of the Winthrop McNair Scholars Program
Hayes, Matthew - Professor
Jacklin, Angela - Adjunct Faculty
Maxton-Kershaw, Letha - Associate Professor
McKemy, Mary - Adjunct Faculty
Nelson, Donna - Professor
Prus, Joseph - Professor Emeritus
Reeves, Melissa - Associate Professor
Reiland, Sarah - Associate Professor
Sinn, Jeffrey - Professor
Sleigh, Merry - Professor
Tucker, Tanya - Adjunct Faculty 
West, Kat - Assistant Professor
Whittaker, Dennis - Adjunct Faculty


Social Work

Hill, Anthony - Department Chair; MSW Program Director; Associate Professor
Fuhr, Karen - Administrative Assistant for Social Work and the Office of Field Instruction and Continuing Education

Anderson, Joi - Assistant Professor
Banks, Sherronda - Adjunct Faculty
Barnette, Stephanie - Adjunct Faculty
Bey, Isis - Adjunct Faculty
Blanding, Ja'Shaun - Instructor; Online MSW Field Coordinator
Bloomquist, Kori
- Assistant Professor
Bryson, LaRhonda - Adjunct Faculty
Butler, Jennifer - Adjunct Faculty
Constance-Huggins, Monique - Associate Professor; Undergraduate Program Director
Currie, Nathaniel - Adjunct Faculty
Donahue, Debra - Adjunct Faculty
Ellis, Latasha - Adjunct Faculty
English, Sara - Assistant Professor
Flores, Eileen - Adjunct Faculty
Gibbs, Daniel - Adjunct Faculty
Grignon, Jackie - Adjunct Faculty
Hammonds, Brittany - Adjunct Faculty
Hastie, Shanna - Adjunct Faculty
Hawley, Robyn - Adjunct Faculty
Hicks, Kelle'e - Adjunct Faculty
Hopkins, Sarah - Instructor
Kelsaw, Patricia - Adjunct Faculty
Kirven, Joshua - Associate Professor
McDaniel, Jennifer - Instructor; Field Director, Field Instruction and Continuing Education
Miller, Warren - Adjunct Faculty
Mitchum, Kelly - Adjunct Faculty
Morgan, Cheria - Adjunct Faculty
Neff, Duane - Associate Professor
Owen, Perry - Instructor; Assistant Field Director, Field Instruction and Continuing Education
Plue, Melinda - Adjunct Faculty
Sellers, Wendy - Associate Professor; Assessment Coordinator
Slay, ZaDonna - Instructor; MSW Admissions Coordinator
Smith, Bonnie - Adjunct Faculty
Solomon, Christopher - Adjunct Faculty
Tetteh, Alicia - Adjunct Faculty 
Tollett, Carolyn - Adjunct Faculty
Trammell, Carrie - Adjunct Faculty
Tyson, June - Adjunct Faculty
Walgren, Kristy - Adjunct Faculty
Ward, Christopher - Instructor; Online MSW Program Coordinator
Yang, Jessica - Assistant Professor


Sociology, Criminology, & Anthropology

Haubert, Jeannie - Professor of Sociology; Department Chair
Roy, Alexis - Administrative Assistant for Philosophy & Religious Studies; Sociology, Criminology, & Anthropology; and World Languages & Cultures

Baird, Trista - Adjunct Faculty of Criminology
Bowers, Beau
- Adjunct Faculty of Anthropology
Brooks, Christina - Adjunct Faculty of Anthropology
Chacon, Richard - Associate Professor of Anthropology
Gillam, Christopher - Adjunct Faculty of Anthropology
Knop, Katie - Adjunct Faculty of Sociology; Coordinator of the LEAP Program
Marx, Jonathan - Professor of Sociology; Director of the Gerontology Program
Miller, Ty - Assistant Professor of Sociology
Osborne, Susan - Adjunct Faculty of Anthropology
Peace, Cheryl - Adjunct Faculty of Criminology
Sickels, Michael - Assistant Professor of Sociology
Solomon, John - Adjunct Faculty of Sociology
Tripp, Bradley - Associate Professor of Sociology
Woodfill, Brent - Assistant Professor of Anthropology


World Languages & Cultures (formerly Modern Languages) 

Shinabargar, Scott - Professor of French; Department Chair
Roy, Alexis - Administrative Assistant for Philosophy & Religious Studies; Sociology, Criminology, & Anthropology; and World Languages & Cultures 

Friedman, Donald - Professor of German
Glover, Adam - Associate Professor of Spanish
Huang, Lucia - Adjunct Faculty of German
Igou, Anna - Assistant Professor of French
Jepson, Valerie - Assistant Professor of Spanish
Martín, Gerri - Adjunct Faculty of Spanish
Morris, Concetta - Adjunct Faculty of Spanish
Niven, Janet - Adjunct Faculty of Spanish
Uricoechea, Victoria - Instructor of Spanish

Last Updated: 9/2/20