Winthrop University: College of Arts and Sciences - Department Chairs and Admins

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College of Arts & Sciences

Department Chairs and Admins

Dr. Dwight Dimaculangan, Chair
Marielle Hinson, Admin
202 Dalton Hall
(803) 323-6421

Dr. Thomas Polaski, Chair
Teri Haddaway, Admin
142 Bancroft Hall
(803) 323-2175

Chemistry, Physics, & Geology
Dr. Robin Lammi, Chair
Willie Ruth Aiken, Admin
101 Sims Science Building
(803) 323-4922

Philosophy & Religious Studies
Dr. Peter Judge, Chair
Alexis Roy, Admin
319 Kinard Hall
(803) 323-21

Dr. Casey Cothran, Chair
Kara Cauthen, Admin
250 Bancroft Hall
(803) 323-2171

Political Science
Dr. Jennifer Disney, Chair
Katie Hartnett, Admin 
346 Bancroft Hall
(803) 323-2209

Dr. Donald Rakestraw, Chair
Katie Hartnett, Admin
346 Bancroft Hall
(803) 323-2173

Dr. Darren Ritzer, Interim Chair
Heather Carter, Admin
135 Kinard Hall
(803) 323-2117

Human Nutrition
Dr. Wanda Koszewski, Chair
Alexa Allen, Admin
302 Dalton Hall
(803) 323-2101

Social Work
Dr. Anthony Hill, Chair
Karen Fuhr, Admin 
132 Bancroft Hall
(803) 323-2168

Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. Marsha Bollinger, Chair
Tiffany Smathers, Admin
104 Bancroft Hall
(803) 323-2368

Sociology & Anthropology
Dr. Jeannie Haubert
, Chair
Alexis Roy, Admin 
319 Kinard Hall
(803) 323-2181

Mass Communication
Dr. Guy Reel, Chair
Bert Daniels, Admin
219 Johnson Hall
(803) 323-2121

World Languages & Cultures
Dr. Scott Shinabargar, Chair
Alexis Roy, Admin
220 Kinard Hall
(803) 323-2231



Last Updated: 9/2/20