Winthrop University: CAS Faculty Profile - Cothran, Casey

Name:  Casey Cothran
Title:  Associate Professor of English
Education:  Ph.D., English, University of Tennessee
M.A., English, University of Tennessee
B.A., English, Clemson University
Office:  246 Bancroft Hall   
Phone:  803/323-4573
Area(s):  Nineteenth-Century British Literature, Women's Writing and Feminist Criticism, Mystery and Detective Fiction


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Since receiving her Ph.D. in 2003, Dr. Cothran has taught classes at the University of Tennessee, the College of William and Mary, and Winthrop. Her classes address such topics as "British Gothic Literature," "Great Victorian Authors," and "Irish Literature," as well as specialized courses such as "Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing," "Detective and Mystery Novels," and "Fairy Tales and Heroic Quests."

Cothran is the co-editor of New Perspectives on Detective Fiction: Mystery Magnified (Taylor and Francis, 2015) and has published on detective novelist Wilkie Collins in the Victorians Institute Journal and in the Wilkie Collins Society Journal. Her work on New Woman writers of the late nineteenth century has appeared in Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies, Working Papers in Irish Studies, and in the book collection New Woman Writers: Authority and the Body. Cothran also has published on YA fantasy novels, the Hunger Games series, and on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels. 

Cothran is married and has two children.

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