Marzieh Joy Yousefian

Name: Marzieh Joy Yousefian,

Title: Field Support Specialist

Education: MSW, Winthrop University; JD, Case Western Reserve University School of Law, A.B. degree, Oberlin College.

Office:  111 Bancroft Hall   

Phone:  803/323-3385


Marzieh Joy Yousefian is a field support specialist in the Department of Social Work at Winthrop University.  She earned her A.B. degree from Oberlin College and her law degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law.  In May of 2020, she earned her MSW degree from Winthrop University and became licensed in the state of South Carolina in July of that year.  Ms. Yousefian works with BSW and MSW students and community agencies to identify quality placement opportunities for social work students.  As a recent MSW graduate, she knows first-hand the value and importance of the social work field experience.  She is committed to assuring that social work students have the best opportunities available to apply and develop their social work skills in an appropriate, supportive learning environment.  Likewise, she strives to develop meaningful, reciprocal relationships with the field agencies, which is vital to the program's success.