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The Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology Department at Winthrop University is united by our faculty’s focus on social inequality and social change.  Winthrop’s Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology programs are unique in their multidisciplinary perspectives, their intense focus on career-readiness courses, and their high-touch approach to student mentoring.

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Available Degree Programs, Concentrations, & Minors

    Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
    The systematic study of social life, organizations, groups and interactions.

    Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Concentration in Anthropology
    A science that deals with the origins, customs, development, and beliefs of humankind.

    Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Concentration in Criminology
    The study of crime and criminals (a branch of sociology).

    Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Concentration in Social Inequalities
    The study of racial and ethnic relations, gender and sexuality, social class and economic analysis, as well as inequalities related to age and disability.

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