Winthrop University: CAS Faculty Profile - Stovall, Daniel

Name:  Daniel Stovall
Title:  Assistant Professor of Biology
Education:  B.S. Biology, Campbell University
Ph.D. Cancer Biology, Wake Forest University  
Office:  118 Dalton Hall
Phone:  803/323-2111 x6429


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My research interests lie in understanding the molecular pathology of human cancers. Cancer is a collection of diseases in which cells abandon their normal roles within a tissue as they unleash molecular programs that promote cell division. Often, this involves a loss of balance between the effects of growth-inhibiting genes (called tumor suppressors) and growth-promoting genes (called oncogenes). One important driver of tumor progression includes the epigenetic changes that deregulate gene expression, which in turn disrupts the careful balance between tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes. Students in my lab will investigate the role of epigenetics in cancer progression. We hope that delineating these mechanisms may identify cellular programs that can be therapeutically exploited in cancer treatment.

I currently teach BIOL 222 (Principles of Cell & Molecular Biology Laboratory), BIOL 316 (Principles of Human Genetics), and BIOL 610 (Recent Advances in Cell & Molecular Biology).

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