Name:  Salvatore Blair
Title:  Associate Professor
Education: Ph.D., Physiology, Cell, and Developmental Biology, University of Alberta
M.S., Cell and Molecular Biology, Appalachian State University
B.S., Biology, Appalachian State University
Office:  307 Dalton Hall   
Phone:  803/323-6436
Area(s): Fish Physiology, Conservation Physiology



College of Arts and Sciences

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Dr. Blair is a comparative fish physiologist with an enthusiasm for conservation and the ability of fish to cope with anthropogenic and environmental stressors. Since arriving in 2018, Dr. Blair has taught a variety of courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, including Human Physiology; Principles of Biology; Scientific Processes in Biology; Cell and Molecular Laboratory; Recent Advances in Organismic and Developmental Biology; Integration of Biological Principles; and Ichthyology.

Dr. Blair’s research focuses on improving our basic understanding of fish physiology by integrating various in vivo and in vitro techniques spanning the fields of cell/molecular biology, physiology, and ecology to answer cross-disciplinary research questions from the cellular level to the population level. This includes, but is not limited to, research on fish gill morphology and remodeling, sodium transport mechanisms at various developmental stages, thermotolerance, and salinity tolerance of freshwater species exposed to environmental hyper-saline water. His research aims to incorporate fundamental physiological data and apply it towards conservation efforts in making informed decisions concerning the management of fish species. Dr. Blair encourages interested undergraduate and graduate students to contact him regarding future research opportunities.