Winthrop University: College of Arts and Sciences - Mission Statement

College of Arts & Sciences

Mission Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences provides educational opportunities for students to gain knowledge, insights, and skills in order to grow more sensitive to the significance of the human heritage, to participate and contribute knowledgeably and effectively as citizens, and to lead rewarding, productive and enriched lives within the contemporary world.

Providing the liberal arts foundation for all Winthrop University students, the College of Arts and Sciences offers a broad spectrum of general education courses so undergraduate students may be afforded the central core of knowledge enjoyed by well-educated citizenry.

Some of the degree programs in Arts and Sciences prepare majors directly for professional employment; others prepare them for admission to professional and graduate schools; others combined with an appropriate minor from Arts and Sciences or one of the professional schools provide a valuable basis for a career.

Last Updated: 8/1/19