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International Studies

About the Program

International and Global Studies (INGS)

Formerly known as International Studies, the International and Global Studies program (INGS) was renamed and restructured in in 2015. It is an interdisciplinary minor that includes course options pertaining to Europe, Asia, Africa/Middle East, and Latin America as well as courses with a comparative approach that analyze multiple topics cross-culturally. One of the most flexible programs on campus, the International Studies program allows students to customize their minor by choosing coursework from among over twenty different disciplines spanning four of the university’s colleges.


INGS Course List for 2017-2018 year1

African American Studies

AAMS 303 / GEOG 303 Geography of Africa

AAMS 338 / PLSC 338 Government and Politics of Africa

AAMS 561 / HIST 561 History of the Caribbean


ANTH 201 Intro to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 203 Intro to Language and Culture

ANTH 301 Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Human Experience

ANTH 321 Cultures of Latin America

ANTH 322 Ancient Civilizations of the Americas

ANTH 324 Amerindian Warfare and Ritual Violence

ANTH 326 Native Peoples and the Environment

ANTH 540 / BIOL 540 Special Topics: Human Ecology

Art History

ARTH 175, 175H Intro to Art History from Pre-history through the Middle Ages

ARTH 176, 176H Intro to Art History from the Renaissance to the Present

ARTH 341 Art of Ancient Greece and Rome

ARTH 342 Early Medieval

ARTH 343 High and Late Medieval

ARTH 344 Italian Renaissance

ARTH 345 Northern European Renaissance

ARTH 346 Baroque and Rococo

ARTH 347 Neoclassicism and Romantic

ARTH 348 Modernism

ARTH 350 Hist of Photography

ARTH 351 Arts of Africa

ARTH 352 Arts of the Americas

ARTH 353 Arts of the Oceania

ARTH 452 Women in Art

ARTH 453 Art of the Book

ARTH 454 Cont Art and Criticism


BIOL 323 Tropical Watershed and Coastal Ecology (Costa Rica)

BIOL 540 / ANTH 540 Special Topics: Human Ecology

BIOL 551 Conservation Biology

BIOL 552 Field Conservation Biology in the Tropics

Business Administration

BADM 400 International Field Experience


DANA 258 World Dance Forms

DANT 385 Dance History I

DANT 386 Dance History II


ECON 521 International Trade and Investment


EDUC 395 Culturally Diverse Teaching Experience in the Dominican Republic

EDUC 420 Global Studies in Pedagogy

EDUC 495 Special Topics in Education; China: Teaching and Learning


ENGL 208 Foundations of World Literature

ENGL 307 Arthurian Tradition

ENGL 308 World Lit after 1700

ENGL 310 Greek Mythology

ENGL 333 Global Narratives

ENGL 502 Studies in Non-Western Lit      


FINC 514 International Financial Management


GEOG 201 Geography of World Regions

GEOG 302 Economic Geography

GEOG 303 / AAMS 303 Geography of Africa

GEOG 306 Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean

GEOG 307 Geography of East Asia

GEOG 500 Global Environment and Sustainable Development


HIST 333 Imperial China

HIST 334 Modern China

HIST 335 Modern Japan

HIST 343 European History from the Ren thru Age of Reason

HIST 344 European Hist from Age of Reason to Versailles Settlement

HIST 345 European Hist since 1914

HIST 346 History of England to 1603

HIST 347 History of England from 1603 to Present

HIST 350 The Crusades

HIST 350 / WMST 450 Women in Imperial China

HIST 350 Islam and Africa to 1600

HIST 350 Age of Alexander

HIST 351 Latin American History

HIST 352 US-Latin American Relations

HIST 542 Medieval European

HIST 547 Modern Russia

HIST 548 Modern Germany

HIST 550 Third Reich

HIST 550 First World War

HIST 550 Travel Seminar to China

HIST 550 Revolutions in the Americas

HIST 550 International Service Learning in Matagalpa (travel course to Nicaragua)

HIST 550 History and Culture of Revolutionary Cuba (travel course to Cuba)

HIST 554 Women in Modern China

HIST 555 Chinese Foreign Policy

HIST 560 History of Mexico and Central America

HIST 561 / AAMS 561 History of the Caribbean

International and Global Studies

All INGS courses


MGMT 529 International Management


MKTG 581 Marketing for Global Competitiveness

Mass Communication

MCOM 302 International Communication

Medieval Studies

MDST 300 Introduction to Medieval Studies


NUTR 370 Food and Nutrition in Cultural Perspective

Physical Education

PESH 105 Yoga

PESH 150 Martial Arts

PESH 160 Global Games


PHIL 301 Ancient Greek Philosophy

PHIL 302 Modern Philosophy

Political Science

PLSC 205 International Politics

PLSC 207 Comparative Politics

PLSC 260 Model United Nations

PLSC 261 Model United Nations Symposium

PLSC 325 Environmental Politics

PLSC 332 Government and Politics of Asia

PLSC 335 Latin American Politics

PLSC 336 Post Soviet Politics

PLSC 337 / WMST 337 Women and Global Politics

PLSC 338 / AAMS 338 Government and Politics of Africa

PLSC 345 European Politics

PLSC 351 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought

PLSC 352 Modern and Contemporary Political Thought

PLSC 362 Collegiate Model UN

PLSC 505 Government and Politics of Modern China

PLSC 506 International Political Economy

PLSC 507 Social Movements

PLSC 553 / WMST 553 Feminist Theory

Religious Studies

RELG 220 Reading Biblical Texts

RELG 300 World Religions

RELG 313 Hebrew Bible

RELG 314 New Testament

RELG 316 Christian Thought from the Orgins to the Reformation

RELG 335 Buddhism

RELG 340 Hinduism

RELG 350 Islam

RELG 350H Gospels You Won't Find in the New Testament

Social Work

SCWK 306 and 306H Working with Multi-Cultural Populations

SCWK 550A Special Topics: Travel Course with Trip to Nicaragua

SCWK 550C International Social Work and Global Nutrition (a special topics course from 2015-16)

SCWK 550C International Social Work: Global Issues and Sustainable Development


SOCL 319 Population

SOCL 332 Peace and Conflict Resolution

SOCL 508x International Migration


THRT 210 Script Analysis

THRT 312 Dress and Decor

THRT 334 Women in Theatre

THRT 385 Theatre History and Lit I

THRT 386 Theatre History and Lit II

Women's and Gender Studies

WMST 337 / PLSC 337 Women and Global Politics

WMST 450 / HIST 350 Women in Imperial China

WMST 553 / PLSC 553 Feminist Theory

World Languages

All FREN above 102-level

All GERM above 102-level

All SPAN above 102-level

CHIN 201

CHIN 202

All MLAN above 102-level

TFEL 350 Teaching Fellows Seminar

TFEL 450 Teaching Fellows Seminar


(If students take 101 and/or 102 in a SECOND foreign language, they may petition through the Program Director for those courses to apply to the 18 hours required for the minor.)


Note: In addition, courses that can be shown to have significant international and/or global content but are not on this list may be approved for minor credit by the INGS Advisory Committee upon request through the Program Director.   

1 Note that prior to the 2015-2016 catalog, International Studies minors were required to have 9 hours in a focus category. For information about what courses are in each category, please see the course list for the 2014-2015 year. Contact Dr. Kristin Kiblinger with questions.

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