The Winthrop University Campus Beautification Initiative

Ours is an extraordinarily beautiful university campus, and its appearance reflects how we present Winthrop to our prospective and current students, alumni, employees, and community. Not only that, beautification impacts our quality of life; how we work and live on campus. The Campus Beautification Initiative – REVITALIZING WINTHROP –  offers the opportunity to respect our institution’s history by contributing energy, vision and engagement to this important endeavor.

Volunteer engagement is vital to REVITALIZING WINTHROP.

Putting the adage "many hands make light work" to the test, the Winthrop Year of Service was created as a faculty, staff, alumni engagement commitment program of service for the 2021-2022 academic year.



  • Aspires to establish pride in campus 
  • Improve sense of place 
  • Capture the attention of prospective students 
  • Preserve Winthrop’s reputation as an extraordinary beautiful campus

Through placemaking beautification projects REVITALIZING WINTHROP:

  • Respects the institution’s history by contributing energy, vision and engagement to this important endeavor 
  • Utilizes capital from the 100 percent donor-supported Campus Beautification Fund 
  • Facilitates projects such as general clean up, landscaping, wayfinding, lighting, fencing, public art and outdoor gathering areas 
  • Complements the important daily work performed by the Facilities Management team 

This collaboration positively impacts campus community members’ quality of life and sense of well-being, while stimulating synergy between the people on the campus, the broader community and place — Winthrop University.


REVITALIZING WINTHROP is a committee of faculty and staff from all areas of campus including student representation, which makes recommendations on areas of beautification for short- and long-term projects: 

  • Volunteer groups, including related student organizations, address some projects
  • Facilities Management addresses more extensive projects

REVITALIZING WINTHROP presents ways of increasing community engagement, inviting a variety of volunteers to participate: 

  • Winthrop family – Alumni, boards, employees, faculty, staff, students
  • Rock Hill and beyond – Friends of Winthrop plus area organizations, service groups and specialized individuals with passion points for beautification

Other Ways to Contribute and Connect?

Contributions of time, talent, energy and financial support are all welcome and appreciated.

To make a gift, visit University Advancement's giving page and select Campus Beautification Fund. 


Thank you for helping to make the most of our beautiful campus!