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Student Advocacy and Trauma Support

Current COVID Information

  • Masks: Crawford is a healthcare facility, therefore *Masks are Required* at all times inside the building regardless of immunization or testing status.
  • Advocacy Appointments: Appointments may be In-Person or via Telemental Health.
  • Counseling Appointments: SATS Counseling appointments (Intake, Ongoing, Psychiatric) may be In-Person or via Telemental Health.

About Our Office

    Student Advocacy and Trauma Support is committed to providing direct services to survivors of sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, stalking, and victims of crimes or discrimination based on bias. We provide and support campus-wide educational programming and education directed at eradicating sexual violence both on campus and in the community.

    Organization Chart (PDF 104K)

    You can report any form of Sexual Misconduct online, from a computer, tablet, or mobile device, using Winthrop’s Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form.  Notes about Online Reporting:

    • You may complete the form anonymously
    • The form will be routed to the Student Advocacy and Trauma Support Coordinator, the Director for the Center for Student Wellness, the Title IX Coordinator, the Deputy Title IX Coordinator, and the Vice President for Student Affairs.
    • Itali Jackson, the Victim Assistance Coordinator will follow up on all online reports (unless it's anonymous).
    • Reporting here does NOT equal pressing charges through law enforcement.

    Report Sexual Misconduct Button

      Our Victim Service Program Coordinator provides advocacy based on the student’s needs.

      Advocacy can include:

      • Informing students of their rights and reporting options (Title IX and Legal Prosecution)
      • Medical options
      • Safety planning
      • Information on civil protection orders
      • Accompaniment to court
      • Academic advocacy
      • Housing advocacy
      • Assistance with navigating systems ( academic, administrative, criminal, and more)

      Throughout the entire process, students will be able to choose their own resources and have a supportive presence encouraging and empowering them along the way.


      Counseling offers:

      • A fully confidential resource that is included in your Center for Student Wellness fee
      • Assessment of physical and emotional safety
      • A Safe place to emotionally process traumatic events
      • Counselors who are specifically trained to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and related symptomology
      • Increased scheduling flexibility
      • Referrals to other health professionals when necessary
      • Referrals to additional academic support when necessary

      The Goals of SATS Counseling include:

      • Reduced severity of symptoms or amelioration of symptoms specific to traumatic events
      • Self-Management of emotional distress
      • Improved daily functioning by supporting the client as you:
        • stabilize, process, and reintegrate after trauma
        • establish a healthy lifestyle
        • develop appropriate boundaries for self and others
        • create and maintain healthy relationships
      • Enhanced social support
      • Enhanced sense of self-worth and trust

      To schedule an appointment for advocacy or to discuss which of our services suit you best, contact the SATS Program Coordinator via phone at 803/280-9467 or via e-mail at  

      If you believe you would like to engage in SATS Counseling Services, please schedule an intake or same day session as described HERE.  The Same Day Counselor will help you determine whether SATS Counseling is the right fit for you.





Last Updated: 1/9/23