Leadership Studies

About the Program

Winthrop University's Leadership Studies minor enriches the college experience by developing and enhancing leadership skills for highly talented and motivated students. Students design and create a global service project to complement their academic and career goals. This program creates a community of learners who pursue leadership opportunities while acquiring, sharpening, and using new leadership skills.

Students will have an enhanced knowledge and understanding of specific leadership theories, concepts, and models, preparing them for leadership responsibilities in their careers, in their community, and in the world.


Leadership Studies Minor

The minor in Leadership Studies consists of 16 semester hours to include:

  • LEAD 120 (1) Theory and Practice of Leaders or 175 (1) Living and Learning to Lead
  • LEAD 275 (3) Leadership Theory (offered in spring)
  • LEAD 350 (3) Contexts for Global Leadership or 351 (3) Special Topics in Global Leadership
  • LEAD 465 (3) Leadership and Communication (cross-listed with WRIT 465)
  • LEAD 476 (3) Practice in Global Leadership (Leadership lab)
  • LEAD 477 (3) Leadership Symposium

Students will use a feasibility study in LEAD 465 to plan a global service project that they will execute during LEAD 476.