Common Book Project

About the Program

Winthrop University's Common Book Project does more than provide a common intellectual experience for our first-year students.   One of many programs designed to support student success during the transition to college life, Winthrop's Common Book also intentionally connects to our global learning and global awareness commitment.  Integrated into a course required for all students earning a Winthrop degree, HMXP:  The Human Experience, the selected book exposes students to perspectives that are different from their own, reinforcing both the course's global content and one of Winthrop's four University Level Competencies.    

 For 2023, incoming students receive a copy of the book so they can begin reading it prior to the start of classes. Students will discuss the book in more depth when they take the Human Experience course and also attend Common Book global cultural events provided throughout their first year on campus.  Students should contact with any questions.



 2022-23 Common Book