Staff Vacancies

The following is a list of vacant staff positions. Additional information may be obtained for each open position by clicking on the job title.

Important: In order to be considered an applicant for any position listed on this page, all application procedures must be followed.  Applications will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on the deadline date.


Vacancy # Winthrop Title Department Deadline
2024045S Zone Manager Facilities Management August 1, 2024
2024054S Custodial Worker Facilities Management July 29, 2024
2024056S Boiler Operator (Second Shift) Facilities Management July 28, 2024
2024089S Master Plumber Facilities Management August 1, 2024
2024091S HVAC-R Lead Facilities Management August 5, 2024
2024107S Lead Electrician Facilities Management August 5, 2024
2024108S Plumber Facilities Management July 23, 2024
2024115S SATS Clinical Supervisor Counseling Services July 23, 2024
2024525T Maintenance Worker - Temporary Facilities Management July 28, 2024
2025004S Director for Recreational Services, West Center Operations, and Student Engagement Student Engagement July 24, 2024
2025005S Employee Relations and Benefits Manager Human Resources August 4, 2024
2025006S Office Coordinator Human Resources July 25, 2024
2025007S Administrative Assistant Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology July 31, 2024

Status of Closed Vacancies

2024013S Custodial Supervisor Facilities Management Reviewing Applications
2024069S Registered Nurse Health Services Filled
2024096S Director of the Eagle STEM Scholars Program Chemistry, Physics, Geology and the Environment Filled
2024097S ABC Institute School Programs Specialist ABC Institute Interviewing
2024098S Director of Accounting Services Associate Vice President for Finance and Business Reviewing Applications
2024100S Financial Aid Counselor Financial Aid Offer Pending
2024101S Student Advocacy & Trauma Support Counselor Counseling Services Offer Pending
2024102S Programs Manager ABC Institute Interviewing
2024103S TRiO Academic Counselor TRiO Offer Pending
2024106S Residential Success Coordinator Residence Life Interviewing
2024109S Service Program Facilitator CERRA Filled
2024110S Staff Counselor/Training Coordinator Counseling Services Filled
2024112S Assistant Director of Data Support College of Business Administration Reviewing Applications
2024113S Director of Student Services College of Business Administration Reviewing Applications
2024116S Executive Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Reviewing Applications
2024523T Dual Enrollment Coordinator - Temporary Admissions Interviewing
2024524T Test Center Assistant - Temporary Office of Accessibility Reviewing Applications
2025001S Police Officer WUPD Filled