Student Complaints

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Winthrop University maintains a comprehensive array of processes and procedures to promptly address student complaints, especially written ones. For both academic and non-academic complaints, rigorous and robust response mechanisms and records of actions are maintained by appropriate university officials. It is the role of the university to protect the rights and privileges of all parties involved.

Winthrop University wants students to have positive educational experiences in which student concerns can be expressed openly and readily. Student complaints are addressed in a fair and professional manner, and the policies and procedures concerning student complaints are well publicized and provide consistent guidelines for resolution. To address and resolve their complaints as quickly as possible, students should contact the office responsible for overseeing the immediate area causing the concern. There are multiple access points for students to address complaint procedures. Records of complaints and their resolutions are maintained by each office.

If students are uncertain to whom or where to address their written complaints, they can contact the Dean of Students in the Department of Student Affairs, 246 DiGiorgio Campus Center or call 803/323-4503. The student and Dean (or designee) can schedule a meeting to discuss the complaint if the student desires. The Dean (or designee) will help the student in resolving the complaint. If unable to address the complaint immediately because of policy or procedural requirements, the Dean (or designee) will assist the student in directing the complaint to the appropriate university official or office better able to address the matter.

State Authorization Complaints

If a complaint cannot be resolved after exhausting the appropriate Winthrop procedure, the student may file a complaint with South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.  (Link: )