Academic Technologies

Academic Technologies supports the instructional and research functions of the University by providing access to diverse computing resources. These resources include Windows, Mac, and Linux servers and workstations. Over 45 computer laboratories supporting PC and Macintosh standards are available on campus for open access and instructional needs.

Data networks and laboratories provide computing resources for support of instructional and research applications. Typical applications include desktop publishing, database management, spreadsheet analysis, graphics, communications, word processing, statistical analysis, and mathematical computation.

The Academic Technologies department and its computer labs are also referred to as the ACC, named after the original Academic Computing Center that was located in the old Macfeat nursery building.


User Support Services

User Support personnel are available to provide technical assistance with departmental purchases, installation of new equipment, maintenance of Winthrop's technology and telecommunications equipment, and limited training for standard software products. User Support functions include a Service Desk, field technician support, a PC, Mac, and printer hardware maintenance shop, as well as software licensing and product upgrade support.



Service Desk

The Service Desk is available for reporting faculty/staff computer problems and questions, as well as telephone and network problems and questions. The Service Desk works in conjunction with the ACC to help support instructional and student needs, providing complete campus coverage.

Information from the Service Desk allows User Support to compile and analyze data for technical computer-related problems. The collected data gives User Support the opportunity to focus on problem areas that exist presently and in the future.

The Service Desk is staffed Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., Fridays until 5 p.m. The phone number is 803/323-2400. The Service Desk can be e-mailed at


Technology Services Office

The Technology Services Office (also known as the TSO) is located in 1 McBryde Hall. The TSO is open to students, faculty, and staff for ID card services, Scantron Optical Scan (bubble sheet) printing and scoring, and miscellaneous account application requests.

Every Winthrop employee and student receives one ID card for free. A $10 replacement fee will be charged for subsequent lost or stolen cards. Damaged or defective cards are replaced for free if the damaged card is turned in at the time of replacement.

The Technology Services Office is currently open to in-person visitors during the hours listed on the Technology Homepage. For virtual assistance, please contact the Service Desk at or call 803/323-2400. 


Administrative Systems & Programming

The Administrative Systems and Programming department (also known as ASAP) provides state-of-the-art software applications and programming services for administrative users. The department also provides access to data from vendor-supplied information systems to the Winthrop community, secured from tampering, and protected from catastrophic events. ASAP utilizes two main data centers. The primary data center is located in the basement of Tillman, and the secondary data center is located off site at a secured co-location facility.

Requests for new project work in ASAP is determined by need, priority, and practical design. Requests may be submitted to the Service Desk.



The Telecommunications department is dedicated to positioning Winthrop University to fully utilize existing as well as emerging communications technologies such as high-speed networking, IP telephony, video to the desktop, and full data/voice integration.

Winthrop's telephone system and voice messaging system consist of equipment from Mitel Corporation and Avaya. These systems are owned by the University and maintained by the Telecommunications department.

The Telecommunications department is the liaison between faculty, staff, and students and outside telecommunications vendors such as Comporium and Segra.