The Winthrop University Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation Team (CARE Team) cares about the academic, emotional, and physical success of all students. Our mission is to promote a happy, healthy, learning and living environments for all students and the campus community. The CARE Team purpose is to be proactive in identifying and assisting students who are in distress and/or exhibiting disruptive or dangerous behaviors. The CARE team’s goal is to work with students in need of support, guidance, resources, advocacy, and other intervention to be successful and reduce the risk of crisis.

The CARE team works toward its mission through a carefully selected group of University officials who meet regularly to review information about students who may be in distress, in need of medical attention, may be disrupting university activities, or who may pose a threat to self or others. The CARE Team engages in proactive, collaborative, solution-based approaches to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with people of concern within or connected to the Winthrop University community.

CARE Alert reports may be submitted from faculty, staff, students, family members, etc. to share concerns that anyone in the Winthrop community has about a Winthrop student. All CARE alerts are addressed by the CARE team, but the individual who submitted the report may not be informed of the actions taken from the referral as we maintain the privacy of the student of concern.