Master of Science in Sport & Fitness Administration

About the M.S. in SPFA



Mission Statement

The primary goal of the MS in Sport and Fitness Administration degree program is to provide advanced degree candidates with advanced study in the administration and management of a variety of sport and fitness programs. Candidates will acquire knowledge and abilities related to the effective administration and ethical leadership of private and public sport and fitness facilities and programs including the management of programs, personnel, and facilities. Graduates will be leaders in the promotion of sport and fitness within the workplace and in the community. 

Program Goals

Students in the sport and fitness administration program will demonstrate:

  • Competency in planning, administering, budgeting, promoting and assessing sport and fitness programming.
  • Competency in problem solving, decision making, and moral and ethical reasoning.
  • An understanding of scientific basis of sport and physical activity.
  • A command of research methodologies and their application in sport and fitness programming.
  • An understanding of risk management strategies and legal aspects of sport and fitness.

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