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The Environmental Sciences and Studies Program at Winthrop University is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on understanding today's environmental issues and examining topics from diverse viewpoints in anticipation of finding meaningful contributions to their solutions.  The program challenges students academically while preparing them for a rewarding experience in future endeavors whether it be a compelling employment opportunity or graduate school.

If you want to be a part of this growing field, consider one of the following majors: BS in Environmental Sciences or a BA in Environmental Studies. Environmental sciences majors approach environmental issues from a technical perspective, while environmental studies majors tend to focus more on the people in the environment as they propose solutions. n addition to these exciting majors, the program also offers a minor in Sustainability that can easily be added to almost any major on campus.

The Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies program is pleased to announce the availability of the Margaret E. Spencer Undergraduate Fellowship. This award is designed for rising juniors or seniors to conduct substantive summer projects (research, service, internship, or similar) that will help them become experts in their subject areas or gain experience working in an environmental field. These awards are available only to both Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies majors, so long as they are conducting a project in conjunction with a faculty member on an environmentally-relevant topic.

Last Updated: 7/13/22