Dear Petitioner,

Step 1: Set up an appointment with Dr. Gloria Jones, our Student Advocate, by e-mailing her at or by calling the Dean of Students office at 803/323-4503. As you get ready for your meeting with her and consider the contents of the justification/explanation that must accompany your petition, we ask that you thoughfully reflect on the following:

  1. Do I need to address the number of academic hours I will enroll in? (Some students who have a low GPA might be able to improve it by gradually increasing their load, but start with only two courses.)
  2. Have I been involved in too many hours of off-campus work to be able to concentrate on my academic requirements?
  3. Am I in the right major? (Some students are perhaps overlooking the obvious. With poor grades in classes required of their major, while having much better grades in other classes, it sometimes suggests a reconsideration of the direction being taken.)
  4. Have I discussed my difficulties with anyone on campus? Should I seek the proper resources (a faculty mentor, the counseling center, a student services staff person, an academic advisor) to help develop a better strategy for succeeding with my goals?
  5. Do I have clear goals for my academic career? If not, should I discuss my options with someone on campus?
  6. Is my program of studies able to be accomplished in the 4 years I originally planned? (Significant off campus commitments such as work or family may require a student to take longer than four years to complete a degree.)
  7. Am I focused on my academic priorities? (Students often join time-consuming organizations which interrupt their ability to give the necessary time to studies.)

Step 2: Refer to instructions on the petition form below.


The Undergraduate Petitions Committee  


The petition for academically suspended or dismissed student is found here.