Winthrop University: Records & Registration - Petitions for Academically Suspended or Dismissed Students

Dear Petitioner,

The members of the Undergraduate Petitions Committee review every petition carefully before deciding on whether or not to grant the petition.  If you are a student who is petitioning suspension or probation, our goal is to assist the student in being academically successful while maintaining the integrity of the university. We want each student to be successful at Winthrop.  With that in mind, we view the petitions process as an opportunity for you to take stock of your situation, reflect on what in your academic and personal life has led you to this point, take responsibility for your actions, and make a plan for future academic success.  We look for evidence of such reflection and responsibility as well as the formation of a plan because these things are crucial to a successful career at Winthrop University.

With that in mind, we ask you to consider the following as your prepare your petition:

1.  Do I need to address the number of academic hours I will enroll in? (Some students who have a low GPA might be able to improve it by gradually increasing their load, but start with only two courses.)
2.  Have I been involved in too many hours of off-campus work to be able to concentrate on my academic requirements?
3.  Am I in the right major? (Some students are perhaps overlooking the obvious. With poor grades in classes required of their major, while having much better grades in other classes, it sometimes suggests a reconsideration of the direction being taken.)
4.  Have I discussed my difficulties with anyone on campus? Should I seek the proper resources (a faculty mentor, the counseling center, a student services staff person, an academic advisor) to help develop a better strategy for succeeding with my goals?
5.  Do I have clear goals for my academic career? If not, should I discuss my options with someone on campus?
6.  Is my program of studies able to be accomplished in the 4 years I originally planned? (Significant off campus commitments such as work or family may require a student to take longer than four years to complete a degree.)
7.  Am I focused on my academic priorities? (Students often join time-consuming organizations which interrupt their ability to give the necessary time to studies.)

Student Services (Director per College)   

  • Arts and Sciences: Dr. Adria Belk, 106 Kinard Hall, 803/323-2183
  • Business Administration: Ms. Vanessa Valdez, 225 Thurmond Building, 803/323-4833
  • Education: Ms. Joanna Harris, 144 Withers Building, 803/323-4750
  • Visual and Performing Arts: Ms. Anna Fredericks, 124 McLaurin Hall, 803/323-2465

Other resources on campus:

  • Academic Success Center:  Dr. Tourgeé D. Simpson, Jr., 209 Dinkins in Dean's Office, University College to drop off paperwork or schedule an appointment 803/323-3900 or
  • The Counseling Center, 204 Crawford, 803/323-2233
  • The Writing Center, 242 Bancroft, 803/323-2138
  • The Math Tutorial Center, 165 Bancroft, 803/323-2175
  • Academic & Student Athlete Services Director: Ms. Claire Mooney-Melvin, Winthrop Coliseum, 803/323-2129 x6405 or
  • TRiO Program Director: Ms. Rose Gray, 102 Dinkins, 803/323-4794 or
  • Office of Accessibility: Program Coordinator, Shardae Nelson-Johnson, G14 Bancroft, 803/323-3290 or 
  • College of Business Resource Room, Thurmond 107

Ask your academic advisor or Student Services Director whether additional resources are available to assist you with courses in your major.


The Undergraduate Petitions Committee  


The petition for academically suspended or dismissed student is found here.


Last Updated: 1/3/23