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Winthrop University Curriculum Notification

To review the full details on any item, log into the Curriculum Application System.

  • If you have multiple privileges, select "Create and View Course Action/Program Changes".
  • Click the "Advanced Search" button.
  • Enter the appropriate course designator and number (without spaces).
  • Click the "Find" button.
  • Click on the "View" button to review the item.
  • If you are looking at a program change, select the "View Program Changes" link at the top and then select the "Advanced Search" button. 

To request an item be placed on the agenda of the appropriate body, contact the Chair or Secretary of the body.

Academic Council 2019-20: Kelly Costner; Chair; Gina Jones, Secretary

Faculty Conference 2019-21: Adolphus Belk, Chair; Tenisha Powell, Secretary

Graduate Faculty Assembly 2019-20: Lisa Harris; Chair; Lindsay Yearta , Secretary    

Questions regarding the process may be directed to Tim Drueke, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

The listed curricular items have been reviewed and/or approved by the Committee on University Curriculum. They do not require further action for approval. Any member of faculty conference may request an item be placed on the agenda for review and/or approval by Academic Council, Faculty Conference or Graduate Faculty Assembly (as appropriate.)

The Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum met February 7, 2020.  The following required no further action:

CUC-No Further Action Items


Last Updated: 2/11/20