Subject Abbreviations

Prefix Subject
AAMS African-American Studies
ACAD Academy
ACCT Accounting
ANTH Anthropology
ARTA Arts Administration
ARTE Art Education
ARTH Art History
ARTM Arts Management
ARTT Art Theory
ATRN Athletic Training
BADM Business Administration
BIOL Biology
CAPE Civic and Public Engagement
CBLN Community Based Learning
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CRTW Critical Read,Think and Writ
CSCI Computer Science
CSDV Counseling and Development
DANA Dance Applied Technique
DANT Dance Theory
DCED Dance Education
DESF Design Fundamentals
DIFD Digital Information Design
DSCI Data Science
ECED Early Childhood Education
EDCI Education and Curr and Instr
EDCO Education Core
EDLD Educational Leadership
EDUC Education, Gen Professional
ELEM Elementary Education
ENGE English Education
ENGL English
ENTR Entrepreneurship
ENVS Environmental Sci/Studies
EXSC Exercise Science
FACS Family and Consumer Sci
FINC Finance
FREN French
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
GERM German
GRNT Gerontology
GSTC Graduate Studies Continuing
HCMT Health Care Management
HDFS Human Devel & Family Studies
HISP Historical Perspective
HIST History
HLTH Health
HMXP Human Experience
HONR Honors
HUMA Humanities and Arts
HXCT Human Exper/Critical Thinking
IDVS Individualized Studies
IMCO Integrated Marketing Comm
INDS Interior Design
INGS International Global Studies
INSA International Study Abroad
ITAL Italian
LART Liberal Arts
LEAD Leadership
LGST Legal Studies
LTEC Learning Technology
MAED Mathematics Education
MATH Mathematics
MCNR McNair Program
MCOM Mass Communication
MDST Medieval Studies
MGMT Management
MKTG Marketing
MLAN Modern Languages Education
MLED Middle Level Education
MLSC Military Science
MUSA Music Applied
MUSR Music Requirements
MUST Music
MUTC Music Technology
NUTR Human Nutrition
OUTL Outdoor Leadership
PEAC Peace, Justice & Conflict Res
PESH Phy Ed, Sprt and Human Perf
PETE Physical Ed, Teacher Ed
PFST Professional Studies
PHED Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
PLSC Political Science
PSYC Psychology
QMTH Quantitative Methods
READ Reading
RELG Religion
SCED Secondary Education
SCST Social Studies Education
SCWK Social Work
SOCL Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SPCH Speech
SPED Special Education
SPFA Sport and Fitness Admin
SPMA Sport Management
SUST Sustainability Studies
TESL Teaching Eng as Second Lang
TFEL Teaching Fellows
THED Theatre Education
THRA Theatre Applied Technique
THRT Theatre Theory
VCED Vocational Education
VCOM Visual Communication
VPAS Visual and Performing Arts
WMST Women's and Gender Studies
WRIT Writing