SU Fall 2020

Undergraduate students this semester have the option of designating as many of their fall 2020 undergraduate courses as “satisfactory/unsatisfactory” as they choose, unless prohibited by their major. Consultation with the advisor or college Student Services Office is strongly encouraged.

Request an S/U. (Note: form will have to be submitted for each S/U at a time.)


1. Question

Has the definition of the S/U changed?


No. An S still indicates a grade of C- or higher (for Honors courses, a grade of B or higher).  However, students earning a grade of D+, D, or D- (for Honors, B- to D-) will earn a CR (credit/no impact to GPA).  If a student earns an F, a UN will be awarded (No credit/no impact to GPA).
Note: check out grading policy for the Fall 2020 semester.

2. Question

Will these count towards my five allowed?


No. Even if you had already applied the S/U on a course, none of the S/Us you choose on courses this semester will count towards your five. 


3. Question

How many courses can I S/U this semester?


As many as you want, unless prohibited by your major. This especially impacts majors in art, music, design, and teacher education programs where a C or better is required. Please consult with your advisor or Student Services Office if your are unsure. You might also check the catalog to see if your program has a restriction.

4. Question

Will my GPA be impacted?


No. A satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade, recorded as S, CR, or UN (see Question 1 above), will not be counted in computing your GPA; however, credit will only be given for courses for which an S grade is earned. 


5. Question

Will my Financial Aid be impacted? What about scholarships such as LIFE or Palmetto Fellows?


Financial Aid looks at Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). If you earn the “S”, then you’ve completed the class and that increases your percentage of hours earned. LIFE and Palmetto Fellows look at hours earned and a 3.0 GPA. An “S” gives you the credit for the class without the impact on the GPA. Please remember, if you need to improve your GPA, you should not select the S/U option on all classes. For more information on the renewal of these scholarships, visit Winthrop’s Financial Aid SC Scholarship website at


6. Question

Will electing the S/U affect Dean's or President's List?


Criteria for Dean’s and President’s List remains unchanged. Only course credit earned and graded with standard letter grades may be used to qualify. 

7. Question

I am receiving VA Benefts and if I make a "U" the VA requires me to pay back tuition. What should I do?


We are making accommodations for students in this situation. Please contact the VA Coordinator for further information.


8. Question

I’m an undergraduate taking a graduate class. Can I S/U the graduate class?


No, only undergraduate courses may be S/U’d.


9. Question

How long do I have to decide whether to S/U a class?


Thursday, December 3 by 5 P.M.


10. Question

What if I change my mind after I've selected the S/U?


 You can remove an SU by filling out the Form to Remove a Previously Declared S/U by Thursday, December 3 by 5 P.M.


11. Question

How do I let Records and Registration know which class/classes I want to S/U?


Complete the S/U request form by the December 3rd deadline.