Graduate Transfer Credit Policy

Graduate Transfer Credit Policy

Winthrop may credit toward a master’s or specialist degree nine semester hours of graduate work from another accredited graduate institution upon recommendation of the appropriate adviser and academic dean. (An additional three semester hours may be transferred, at the discretion of the adviser and academic dean.) Students in the Master of Science in Human Nutrition program are limited to a maximum of six hours of transfer credit.

Transfer of credit must be approved in writing by the student’s adviser and academic dean for inclusion in the student’s official program of study; the equivalent Winthrop course level is verified in the Office of Records and Registration.

After a student has entered a graduate program at Winthrop, permission from the adviser and academic dean is required prior to the student’s enrolling in transfer course(s).

Official copies of transcripts must be submitted and evaluated before any transfer credit will be officially accepted. Certain courses submitted for transfer may not be considered equivalent to specified Winthrop program requirements even though course titles may be the same.

A graduate student may not transfer credit earned at another institution while he or she is on academic probation at Winthrop or is academically ineligible to return to Winthrop. Credits earned at other institutions may be transferred if

  • A grade of B or better has been earned OR 
  • A grade of S is earned, the granting institution is accredited, and the institution would allow the course to be used in one of its graduate degrees.

Transfer credits are not used in computing the student’s cumulative grade-point average. Transfer credits will not appear in the degree audit until the graduate student has achieved Graduate Degree (G) status in a specific degree program. Extension courses offered by accredited graduate institutions are subject to the approval of the student’s adviser and academic dean. Correspondence courses are not acceptable for graduate credit. Transfer credit is subject to all catalog regulations pertaining to graduate degree courses.

It is the student’s responsibility to have an official transcript of the transfer credits forwarded to the Office of Records and Registration, Winthrop University no later than four days prior to the expected graduation date. Students who enroll in transfer courses during the final semester of a degree program risk delay in completion of degree requirements (and, where applicable, in approval for teacher certification) if receipt of official transcripts by the Office of Records and Registration is delayed. Transcripts of all college work taken when a student is absent from Winthrop must be submitted when the student reapplies to Winthrop.

Approval to Transfer Credit for Graduate Level Coursework form. (pdf - 115 KB)

Last Updated: 8/1/19