Course Withdrawal Deadline-Spring 2020

FAQs for Course Withdrawals—Spring 2020


How do I withdraw from a course since the initial deadline has already passed?

Wingspan has been set up to allow the course withdrawal.


What if I have a registration hold on my account and can’t drop a course in Wingspan?

Send an e-mail to and make a request. Be sure to include full name, student ID, and subject/course number (ex. PHIL 101) for each course you want to withdraw from.


Can I withdraw from a class that has already been graded this semester?

No. This only applies to full-term, second-half, after-mid-semester, and last third part of term courses.


Will my Financial Aid be affected?

Probably not.  As long as you successfully complete your other courses this semester your financial aid should remain unchanged.  If you are unsure, please contact financial aid at so they can review your awards.


Can I withdraw from all my spring courses on Wingspan?

No.  Students who need to withdraw from all courses still go through the regular withdrawal process, using the Withdrawal from the University form found at /uploadedFiles/recandreg/Winthrop-Withdrawal-Survey.pdf. Consultation with Student Financial Services and Financial Aid (if applicable) is required and can be handled via e-mail.


What if I am not sure if I should withdraw or change the course to S/U grading?

For questions about whether you should withdraw, contact your advisor or college student services office. An incomplete or S/U designation may be a better decision.


For more information on the S/U policy and Grading System for Spring 2020, visit and