Olivia Reed '18


Name: Olivia Reed '18

Residence: Rock Hill, South Carolina

Degree: Integrated Marketing Communication

Occupation: Integrated Marketing Coordinator and Social Media Manager, The Culture and Heritage Museums 

Olivia Reed '18 has always embraced being a lifelong learner and had to put that school of thought into practice when COVID-19 challenged daily routines.

As the integrated marketing manager for all of the York County Culture & Heritage Museums (CHM), Reed has stretched herself in new ways, learning new skills, even down to the process of applying for a drone photography license!

“With the COVID-19 pandemic, the ‘normal' way of doing things came to a halt overnight. It was challenging developing ways to revamp programs and events to virtual platforms by forging new grounds and getting sets and technology to cooperate,” Reed said. “Learning new software and stretching and developing videography skills has been exciting, challenging and rewarding.”

Reed is one of the youngest members on staff and started her marketing career at CHM not long after graduating from Winthrop in 2018. Her days are varied and projects range from marketing to social media management to videography and photography to content creation across multiple platforms. Her creative spark comes from her audience.

“I am inspired by being able to share new ways and content with others that inspires imaginations and provides new ways to learn and grow. I've always been an avid reader and this helps in visualization; in my work, I am able to take ideas and execute them from a vision,” Reed explained.

She encourages current students to stay true to their dreams and aspirations but more importantly, she believes volunteering and internships are the most valuable assets outside of the classroom.

“Experience is valuable, not just for a resume, but for personal growth and development as well. Volunteering also opens up more possibilities, provides a way to give back and offers opportunities to continue the process of being a lifelong learner,” said Reed, who currently also works with Winthrop interns through the MCOM internship program partnership with CHM.

She added, “Putting your heart and soul into what you do gives it a deeper meaning and provides ways to really connect to others.”

As museums open back up from the pandemic, Reed is ready to tackle rebranding and a new website for the organization, new exhibits and create new programs.

Learn more about York County's Culture & Heritage Museums by visiting chmuseums.org or find each location on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Culture & Heritage Museums is comprised of Historic Brattonsville (Revolutionary War living history site), Museum of York County (natural and cultural history and planetarium), Main Street Children's Museum (interactive museum inspired by Vernon Grant's artwork), McCelvey Center (performing arts center) and Historical Center of York County (repository, archives and collections). 



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