Get Involved in Student Organizations!

Part of the college student experience is having the ability to get involved in what truly matters to you. Here at Winthrop, we take pride in the fact that there are opportunities for everyone to become engaged, with over 50 student organizations to choose from.  There are multiple benefits to joining an organization, such as the opportunity to make connections with new friends. In working as part of a team, you will develop leadership abilities, learn to set and achieve goals, and create lifelong memories. Eagle Engage will help connect you with our organizations and upcoming events!

We strongly believe that the more engaged you are on campus, the more you will grow and develop both inside and outside of the classroom. While not all of these student organizations will interest you, pick a few that look fun and get involved. If you can't find one that appeals to your interests, we encourage you to start your own! As students seek opportunities to lead at Winthrop, they will also discover opportunities to make a difference in the community.

Check out the Upcoming Events tab for events sponsored by Student Engagement!

Thank you for visiting our website. For more information about how to get involved during your time at Winthrop, please visit the Department of Student Engagement in DIGS 269 or call us at 803/323-2248. We look forward to helping you find ways to make WINTHROP your HOME.