Applying for Aid

Student Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for student financial aid you must:

  • be a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen of the United States; and,
  • have been accepted for admission to an approved degree-seeking program or Teacher Certification program by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or the Office of Graduate Admissions; or be currently enrolled in an approved degree-seeking program or Teacher Certification program (students whose degree program status changes should contact the Office of Financial Aid); and,
  • be making progress toward the completion of your course of study according to the "Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Student Financial Aid Recipients;" and,
  • not be in default on a Guaranteed Student/Federal Stafford Loan, Federal Direct Loan, Federal Direct Parent (PLUS) Loan, Federal Supplemental Loan, National Direct/Defense Student Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Health Professions Loan, Income Contingent Loan or Federal Consolidation Loan received at any institution; and,
  • not owe a refund on a Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Student Incentive Grant, or Leveraging Educational Assistance Program award received while attending any institution; and,
  • have a valid Social Security Number; and,
  • register with the Selective Service, if required; and,
  • have resolved any drug conviction issue.

Federal and State Eligibility Requirements

To receive aid from federal and state programs of financial assistance, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate financial need. The cost of attendance at Winthrop must exceed your family's ability to pay those costs as determined by the federal processor using a national formula. This particular requirement pertains to all need based programs.
  • Have a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) Certificate.
  • Be a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen.
  • Have a valid social security number.
  • Make satisfactory academic progress, as explained in the Catalog, during enrollment.
  • Sign any required statements and certifications.
  • Register with Selective Service (males).