Applying for Aid

Cost of Attendance



The Cost of Attendance (COA) for student aid purposes is an estimate of the cost for a student to attend Winthrop University. The COA contains direct expenses (tuition, fees, room, board) that may be paid directly to Winthrop and indirect expenses (books, transportation, personal) that will vary by student. Books/supplies are estimated based on what the average student spends on books/supplies each year. Book costs vary by program, course load, and classes selected. Transportation costs are estimated on what the average student spends traveling to and from campus each year. Your actual transportation expenses may be higher or lower. Personal expenses (e.g. cell phone, clothes, pizza) are estimated on what the average student spends each year.

The COA is not your student bill. The amount you will actually pay will be less than your COA. Registered students will receive an electronic bill from Student Financial Services in July and December which will list your actual charges at Winthrop.  

COA items are estimated for financial aid purposes only. Actual tuition, fees, and room and board charges will be determined by the Winthrop Board of Trustees in late June each year. You can view the most up-to-date Tuition and Fees online.

You may view the COA used in determining your Financial Aid award on your Wingspan account. Students attending Winthrop less than full-time will have a lower COA. Your total financial aid award package from all sources cannot exceed your COA.