My Financial Aid

Application Status

Wingspan allows you to access your financial aid information after a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has been received by the Office of Financial Aid. The Financial Aid tab in Wingspan displays your financial aid status, eligibility, and award offer information. You will also find additional financial aid links by accessing the Financial Aid tab.

You must have a Winthrop University e-mail account in order to access Wingspan. If you have not created a Winthrop e-mail account, you may do so by clicking here.

Once logged in to Wingspan:

You will find information about the status of your financial aid by selecting 'Financial Aid Status.'  If additional documents are needed to finalize the processing of your financial aid, you will see a message that you have unsatisfied student requirements.  Click on 'student requirements' to be directed to 'Eligibility Requirements,' where you will find the list of required documents.

Most documents are classified in the following manner:

  • Requested indicates a document you need to provide to the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Received; Pending Review refers to a document which you provided that is awaiting review.
  • Received; Incomplete Document means that we need additional information and our office will contact you.
  • Received; Signature Missing means that you submitted a document to our office that requires a signature.
  • Complete means that document has been accepted.

'Financial Aid Status' also provides information about your estimated cost of attendance, indicates whether you are considered to be making satisfactory progress toward your degree program, and allows you to view your financial aid history.  

You will find your award offer information by selecting 'Award.'  Here you may view and accept/decline your financial aid offer.