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ONCA - Office of Nationally Competitive Awards

Winthrop University's Office of Nationally Competitive Awards (ONCA) identifies and assists highly motivated and talented students to apply for nationally and internationally competitive awards, scholarships, fellowships, and unique opportunities both at home and abroad. ONCA gathers and disseminates award information and deadlines across the campus community, and serves as a resource for students, faculty, and staff throughout the nationally competitive award nomination and application process.

Go to the ONCA website. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the ONCA homepage and complete and submit the Online Information Form. Follow-up with an e-mail to ONCA Director, LeeAnn Pounds, and make an appointment to find out what ONCA awards are right for you!

Outside Scholarships

It is our recommendation that you NEVER pay to apply for a scholarship or provide your social security number. National scholarships will typically have more applicants than local scholarships. Check within your local community for opportunities (high school, businesses, civic groups, organizations (religions, community and/or professional associations). Sometimes your employer or parent's employer may have scholarships. Some of the national databases include:,, and These search engines are not meant to be an exhaustive list of places to search for scholarships, just a place to get started.

Outside scholarships are not affiliated with Winthrop University. Some scholarships may be solicitation for independent companies seeking your business, so please take caution to make sure your identity is protected. Inquiries regarding outside scholarships need to be directed to the awarding organization or company.

If you are the recipient of an outside scholarship, please send a copy of the Scholarship Award Letter (or certificate) to the Office of Financial Aid so that we can include it on your estimated financial aid awards. Scholarship checks should be sent to the Cashier's Office. Please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for processing once the Cashier's Office receives the scholarship check.