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Financial Aid Disbursement

Financial aid disbursement for the regular academic year begins approximately one week prior to the first day of fall and spring classes.

Financial aid awards are electronically distributed by the Office of Financial Aid directly to the student's current semester account balance. Any excess financial aid to be used for additional educational expenses will be refunded to the student* by the Controller's Office.

After classes begin, financial aid continues to be distributed to students' accounts twice weekly as award requirements are satisfied.

Summer financial aid disbursement is a manual process, and the timing of disbursement varies depending upon the student's registration schedule and enrollment status. As in the fall and spring semesters, financial aid is first credited to the student's account and any excess financial aid is refunded to the student* by the Controller's Office.

For more information regarding the financial aid timeline, please refer to the Financial Aid Calendar.

*When a credit balance is created by a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan and the parent has not authorized the student to receive the refund, the Controller's Office will refund the excess to the parent borrower.