Types of Financial Aid


Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

The FSEOG is a federal government grant that does not have to be repaid. FSEOG is awarded to undergraduate students with exceptional financial need who are earning their first bachelor's degree. Priority is given to Federal Pell Grant recipients.

Begin the process by completing the FAFSA online. While the Department of Education guarantees that participating schools will receive funds to pay the Federal Pell Grants for its eligible students, there is no guarantee every eligible student will receive a FSEOG. Award amounts depend on when you submit your FAFSA, your financial need, the amount of funding allocated to Winthrop University, and the number of potentially eligible students.

FSEOG cannot be automatically renewed each year. Returning students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress and meet the FSEOG awarding requirements each academic year.

Students must be enrolled at least half-time (six credit hours) to receive FSEOG. Once all award requirements have been met, your financial aid will be credited to your student account. For more information, please visit Applying for Aid.