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Year-Round State Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The SC Commission on Higher Education (CHE) has authorized the availability of LIFE and Palmetto Fellows scholarships for Summer 2024, for those students who will be enrolled full-time (at least 12 credit hours) at Winthrop and who met the renewal criteria for their state scholarship at the end of Spring 2024.

The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) will help you learn more about this option and determine if using a term of your state scholarship eligibility is the right decision for you. If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

FAQ question Who is eligible? 

FAQ Answer Any student who meets their state scholarship renewal eligibility at the end of the Spring 2024 term may use a semester of their state scholarship terms in Summer 2024, as long as they are enrolled at least full-time (12 or more credit hours) at Winthrop for Summer 2024 and have not already used up their 8 terms of scholarship eligibility. The Office of Financial Aid will review your eligibility for renewal after Spring 2024 grades are made official by the Office of Records and Registration (mid-May).

FAQ question Is summer an extra term of eligibility in addition to my 8 terms? 

FAQ Answer NO! Participating in summer will not extend the 8 total semesters of potential scholarship eligibility. Participating in summer will count as using a term of your 8 terms of eligibility.

FAQ question Can all state scholarships be used in summer? 

FAQ Answer LIFE, Palmetto Fellows and Enhancement Scholarships can be used, for those who are eligible and enrolled at least full-time (12 or more credit hours) at Winthrop for Summer 2024. HOPE cannot be used in summer.

FAQ question What amount will I receive? 

FAQ Answer LIFE eligible students will receive $2500. Palmetto Fellows eligible students will receive $3750. Enhancement eligible students will receive $1250.

FAQ question Do I have to participate in summer state scholarships? 

FAQ Answer No! Participation is voluntary.

FAQ question Who should use the scholarship? 

FAQ Answer We recommend that only students who plan to graduate in less than four years consider using the state scholarship in Summer 2024.

Students who plan to attend Winthrop for four years may want to save their terms of scholarship eligibility for fall and spring terms, when costs are generally higher.

If you rely on the summer to earn money for the upcoming academic year, you may find it difficult to also take a full-time course load and be academically successful.

FAQ question Do all 12 credit hours have to be in one summer term? 

FAQ Answer No, you can be enrolled in multiple summer terms as long as you are enrolled in at least 12 credit hours total for the entire summer term and taking all those hours at Winthrop.

FAQ question What if my class gets canceled in one of the summer sessions or I drop a class before it begins and I'm no longer enrolled in a total of at least 12 hours? 

FAQ Answer You will not be eligible to receive a state scholarship for summer and any previously disbursed funds will be have to be canceled and sent back to the state. When your state scholarship is canceled, you will be required to pay back any state scholarship funds you have received for summer and the summer will no longer count as one of your eight terms of eligibility.

FAQ question How do I apply? 

FAQ Answer Complete the Year-Round Scholarship Affidavit by e-mailing finaid@winthrop.edu to request it.

FAQ question Can I use my Enhancement Scholarship? 

FAQ Answer Yes, if you are in an eligible, declared major and have met the 14 credit hour requirement prior to the first day of your first registered summer term. Note, you must also use a term of your LIFE or Palmetto Fellows scholarship in the summer in order to use the Enhancement scholarship. You cannot chose to use your LIFE or Palmetto Fellows scholarship and "save" your Enhancement scholarship for another term.

FAQ question Can I use the summer to earn my Enhancement Scholarship even if I use my LIFE/Palmetto Fellows this summer? 

FAQ Answer Yes, you can still use the summer to earn the Enhancement scholarship.  If you earn it by the end of summer, you would have five terms of enhancement eligibility to use in the future semesters.

FAQ question Will my renewal criteria be different if I attend summer? 

FAQ Answer No, attending summer does not change the total number of earned hours required for state scholarship renewal.

FAQ question If I attend and use my state scholarship this summer do I have to attend summer school next year? 

FAQ Answer No!  Participation in the Summer 2024 state scholarship program does not constitute commitment for the following summer.

FAQ question Will I graduate in 3 years? 

FAQ Answer Participation in summer does not guarantee accelerated graduation, but provides the opportunity for early graduation.

FAQ question Does my program/major allow for graduation in less than 4 years? 

FAQ Answer You should check with your academic advisor to see if early graduation is an option for you. Some programs are structured so that four years of traditional fall and spring classes are needed in order to meet degree requirements.

FAQ question Am I guaranteed to find at least 12 credit hours to take during the summer that will count towards my degree requirements? 

FAQ Answer NO!  You should check with your academic advisor to determine what course options (if any) are available for you that will apply to your degree. Only classes that count towards your degree can be used to determine that you are enrolled full-time.

FAQ question If I attend full-time (at least 12 hours) in summer, do I have to use my state scholarship? 

FAQ Answer No!  Participation is voluntary.

FAQ question Can I take classes at another institution this summer and receive my state scholarship? 

FAQ Answer NO!  You must be enrolled full-time (at least 12 hours) at Winthrop to participate.

FAQ question Is housing or are meal plans or books covered? 

FAQ Answer No, your state scholarship is applied directly towards your Winthrop tuition charges.

FAQ question Can I take online classes at Winthrop this summer to count towards full-time enrollment? 

FAQ Answer Any classes offered by Winthrop (on campus or online) can be counted.

FAQ question What if my GPA drops below a 3.000 at the end of summer? 

FAQ Answer You will remain eligible for your state scholarship for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 as long as you are enrolled full-time each term. You will have the opportunity to bring your GPA back up to a 3.000 by the end of the following Spring 2025 term.

FAQ question May I use loans this summer? 

FAQ Answer If you have remaining loan eligibility from the previous academic year, you may use any remaining loan funds in summer. Your Parent may be able to borrow from the PLUS Loan program. You may wish to borrow a private loan. If you are interested in loans, you must indicate on your Summer School Financial Aid Application that you wish to borrow for summer.

FAQ question May I use my Pell Grant? 

FAQ Answer Yes, Pell Grants may be awarded for summer if you have not used up your Pell lifetime eligibility. If you are eligible for a Pell Grant, it will appear as part of your summer awards.

FAQ question If I am not eligible to renew my state scholarship after Spring 2024, am I still able to use the summer term to try and regain eligibility? 

FAQ Answer Yes, but you may not use LIFE or Palmetto Fellows or Enhancement scholarship funding in the summer term while trying to regain eligibility.