The LIFE GPA is used to determine eligibility for renewal of the LIFE scholarship. The LIFE GPA calculation will include all hours and all grades (excluding remedial term coursework) from all institutions attended. Eligible credit hours and grades that do not transfer to Winthrop based upon the University's policies must also be included. Students are responsible for submitting official transcripts from all institutions attended to calculate the LIFE GPA and meet the annual credit hour requirement.

The AP/IB/Departmental Credit Total displays all the AP, IB, and departmental credit you have received at Winthrop. These credits do not count towards your LIFE GPA, but they do count towards the credit hour requirements needed for renewal.

The All College Total credit hours displays the number of credit hours you have earned towards the LIFE scholarship renewal requirements.

The LIFE GPA and All College Total credit hours are current data; therefore, if you have already received your grades for the semester, that information is already factored in.

How to Find Your LIFE GPA:

  • Using your Wingspan account, click on the Life/Honors GPA link:
    Life GPA-1st 

  • The LIFE GPA is indicated in the BLUE box and total credit hours is indicated in the YELLOW box:
    Life GPA-2nd

Assistance with Calculating Your Life GPA

Use this spreadsheet (xlsx - 27 KB) to estimate how future coursework will affect your LIFE GPA.

When you open the spreadsheet:

  • In GPA Hours (green box) enter the GPA Hours from the All College Total line (next to yellow box).
  • In Quality Points (orange box) enter the Quality Points from the All College Total line (next to blue box).
  • Your LIFE GPA on the spreadsheet (blue box) should now match the GPA on the LIFE GPA website (blue box).
  • You will then want to enter the classes you plan to take to see how they will affect your LIFE GPA. Most students will only use the section of the spreadsheet in yellow.
    • Enter Course Name, Number of Credit Hours, and Grade you plan to earn (A, A-, B+, B, B-, etc.).
    • The LIFE GPA (blue box) will then change so you can see how this coursework with affect your grade. View a sample spreadsheet (pdf - 80 KB) that has been filled out.
    • The other sections are used if you plan to replace a grade (section 1) or retake a grade, which then averages the grade with your prior grade (section 2).
  • If you need assistance determining your GPA, help with which coursework to take, or how to repeat/replace a grade, contact the Student Services department for your college, the Academic Success Center, or Records and Registration.