Federal Work-Study (FWS) Job Notification Form

When determining a student job pay rate, you must consider:

  • The skills needed to perform the job
  • Rates you would pay a non-Work-Study student for the same job
  • How much someone in the local area would be paid for the same job

It is NOT acceptable to base pay on how much need a student has or how much they have been awarded in FWS funds.  You may not base wage rate on any factor not related to the student's skills or job description.

These are situations where you would pay higher than the minimum wage:  if the student is conducting research, if the student works directly with a professor, if the student works in the lab, if the job demands academic advancement, etc.  A full and complete job description is needed below which will justify the pay rate as well as the need for the position.

Preferred Method of Communication:

Any pay rate above $10.00/hour must be approved on a case by case basis by the Office of Financial Aid.  Please e-mail Julia Fockler, Financial Aid Counselor, the position, position description, pay rate, and reason for increased pay rate.