Approval Process


Each semester, event organizers who wish to have their events considered for Cultural Event status must submit a request to the Cultural Events Committee. The committee is responsible for reviewing event proposals and determining whether they meet the criteria for Cultural Events and Global Learning Initiative (GLI) Events.

Performances and art exhibitions by the College of Visual and Performing Arts and its various divisions are automatically approved as Cultural Events through the Dean's Office. If your event is being sponsored by the college, please click here to submit a request. /culturalevents/test-page1.aspx


Submission of Event Proposals

To request Cultural Event status for your event, please complete the following steps.

Step 1.

Review the guidelines for events.

Step 2.

Find a University faculty/staff member to sponsor the event.

Step 3.

If the event will be taking place on campus, make a space request through the campus space request system (note: the space request does not need to be approved before an event proposal is submitted).

Step 4.

Submit an event proposal. To ensure timely review, event proposals should be submitted at least 4-6 weeks prior to the event.

Timeline for Review

Event proposals are reviewed by the Cultural Events Committee, which meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters.

    Tuesday, August 23rd 

    (Submission Deadline: Friday, August 19th at 4:00 p.m.)

    Tuesday, September 6th 

    (Submission Deadline: Friday, September 2nd at 4:00 p.m.)

    Tuesday, September 20th

    (Submission Deadline: Friday, September 16th at 4:00 p.m.)

    Tuesday, October 4th

    (Submission Deadline: Friday, September 30th at 4:00 p.m.)

    Tuesday, October 18th 

    (Submission Deadline: Friday, October 14th at 4:00 p.m.)

    Tuesday, November 1st

    (Submission Deadline: Friday, October 28th at 4:00 p.m.)

    Tuesday, November 29th 

    (Submission Deadline: Friday, November 25th at 4:00 p.m.)

    Thursday, December 15th 

    (Submission Deadline: Tuesday, December 12th at 4:00 p.m.)


Notice of Decision

Once the committee has reviewed the event proposal, the Cultural Events Coordinator will notify the event sponsor of the committee’s decision. Four decisions are possible. (1) The committee may approve the event proposal as written. (2) The committee may put its decision on hold pending submission of additional information (if the event proposal is unclear or missing information). (3) The committee may deny the event. (4) Or the committee may allow the event sponsor to revise and resubmit the event proposal, detailing the specific changes that would bring the event into compliance with the guidelines.

      Once an event is approved, it will be added to the Cultural Events calendar. This calendar is manually updated by the Cultural Events Coordinator. To request edits, e-mail culturalevents@winthrop.edu.

      Change in Time, Date, Location

      If a change is made to the time, date, or location of the event, or if the event is canceled, the event sponsor must notify the Cultural Events Coordinator so that the events calendar can be updated accordingly. In the event of a last-minute cancellation, the event organizer must post a notice sign outside the event area. This is especially important for times when it is unlikely that news of the cancellation will reach students by any other means.

      Change of Program

      If a change is made to the event program itself such as a new topic of discussion or a speaker/panelist different from that listed on the event proposal, the event sponsor must notify the Cultural Events Coordinator immediately, as such changes may require approval by the Cultural Events Committee. Failure to notify the Cultural Events Coordinator may result in the event's status being revoked.

      The Cultural Event logos are available for download on Communications and Marketing website. These logos may only be used for approved events, or those listed on the Cultural Events calendar.

      The sponsor of the event is encouraged to contact fellow faculty and staff members who may be interested in the event and those who teach courses on topics related to the event, as well as relevant student organizations, to inform them of the event. It is hoped that such information may be used by the faculty to inform their students and may be of use in enhancing course curricula, thus making the event a more enriching experience for students.

      Attendance Monitoring

      Students' attendance at on-campus Cultural Events is tracked by the Cultural Events Coordinator. An event monitor will arrive at the event area approximately 30 minutes prior to the event to begin checking students in. In order to receive credit, students must check in and out of the event with their Winthrop ID cards. Event organizers are encouraged to make an announcement 15 minutes prior to the start of the event reminding students to check in.

      For off-campus, the faculty/staff sponsor shall be responsible for maintaining a record of all students in attendance. This is to be provided to the Cultural Events Coordinator within two business days following the event.

      Attendance Lists

      Course instructors may request a list of attendees from an event for educational purposes (e.g., class projects, extra credit assignments, etc.). To request a list, e-mail the Cultural Events Coordinator at culturalevents@winthrop.edu.

      The following statement was developed by University faculty and student leadership. Event sponsors are encouraged, but not required, to read the statement prior to the beginning of the event:

      Code of Conduct: At Winthrop, we seek to cultivate a sense of responsibility grounded in our respect for one another, as both students and members of our larger communities. To that end, we ask all audience members to show their respect to the performers, presenters, and fellow audience members at this event by avoiding disruptive behavior, including the [inappropriate] use of personal electronic devices during the performance, presentation, or discussion portions of this event. Any audience member unwilling to follow these expectations may be asked to leave the event. Students asked to leave an event will not receive Cultural Event credit for attending the event. [April 2019]

      Event organizers will have the following responsibilities:

      • They will be in attendance for the entire event.

      • They will notify the Cultural Events Coordinator immediately of any changes to the event, including changes in time, date, location, or duration, as well as event cancellation.

      • They will handle any discipline issues that arise at the event.

      • They will supervise the limiting of crowd size to prevent overcrowding


    The decision to deny an event does not reflect the importance of the event nor the committee's support for the program being offered, only its adherence to the guidelines set forth by the Winthrop faculty.

    Event sponsors who wish to appeal this decision may submit a letter of appeal. This must be submitted directly by the event sponsor to the Cultural Events Coordinator. The appeal will be reviewed and a final decision made by the Office of the Provost. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will notify the event sponsor of the decision.

    Note: Appeals submitted through the improper channels will not be considered. For questions regarding the appeals process or to check on the status of an appeal, please e-mail culturalevents@winthrop.edu.