Responsibilities of Cultural Event Sponsors

All Cultural Events must be sponsored by a Winthrop faculty/staff member. Although the event sponsor may not necessarily be involved in the planning or execution of the event, he or she is expected to have a clear understanding of the nature of the event.

By sponsoring an event, a faculty/staff member assumes the following responsibilities:

  1. Sponsors will verify that the information listed on the event proposal is correct.

  2. Sponsors of events which take place off campus will make a record of all students in attendance in accordance with the attendance policy and guidelines for credit.

  3. Sponsors are encouraged, but not required, to read the Code of Conduct aloud at the beginning of the event.

Winthrop University: Graduate School - Why Winthrop?

    The following statement was developed by the University faculty and student leadership.

    Code of Conduct: At Winthrop, we seek to cultivate a sense of responsibility grounded in our respect for one another, as both students and members of our larger communities. To that end, we ask all audience members to show their respect to the performers, presenters, and fellow audience members at this event by avoiding disruptive behavior, including the use of personal electronic devices during the performance, presentation, or discussion portions of this event. Any audience member unwilling to follow these expectations may be asked to leave the event. Students asked to leave an event will not receive Cultural Event credit for attending the event. [April 2019]